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My girth gains. A clamper's routine.


My girth gains. A clamper's routine.

Well I finally have made some big girth gains. I was 7.75 x 4.75 base to top. But now I’m 7.75 x 5.35(at base) 5.1 at the top. My dick feels and looks a lot bigger!

I clamped for many months with no gains. Then……

I hide my tape measure! You will never see a “jump” measurement overnight, so it will always look like no gain. Why discourage yourself!

I didn’t do another member’s routine(I read them all and tried most). I just worked out! You understand what I’m saying to you. Throw away the routine. If you got five min after your morning shower, clamp. Three min before dinner, manual squeezes in the bathroom. Just never ever, ever over do it.!!!!! That’s my foundation of my clamping life. Always under do it. You think you can go another min then don’t. Dick getting a little cold or limp at the end of the set then unclamp. Stop your set early and save some erection power. Intense workouts! Not duration is what its about. That first 5min of a set. Pump! Squeeze! Work you fucker! You are working out not lunching out. Sometimes during my sets my legs shake I squeeze so hard.

Alright now I listen to my dick. You ask what does that mean you talk to your penis. No. When I have a strong erection day, I would do a stronger workout. More intense with longer durations. When I felt tried or if I clamped hard the day before. OR if my erection wasn’t as strong, I did a smaller, almost a toning workout.

The next day I would pay close attention to my erections. Morning wood, wood in the shower, the erections that come from seeing a hot woman at the gas station.(you know what I’m talking about) Or if my warmup erection is weak, then most likely it would be a very light PE session of maybe 5-10 min of manual clamping that night. And that’s it. Monitor your dick.

And no masturbation at all. I believe beating off is not good. Sex is fine. I only beat off about 2 two times a week. I don’t count sex in that.

So with the adjustable work out in mind my max strong day routine went as followed.

1. Strong day- This is the most I ever do.

Warmup- If its a weak erection adjust your routine or possible abort your whole workout.
Intense set of 7-10min.
Hot water rinse, a 5-10min rest
Intense set of 7-8min
Hot shower, a 5-10min rest
Intense set of 5-7min
Plump 60% erection strength squeezes of 2min

Warm up - watching porn, pc muscle squeezing, light manual clamping and base jelqing. This is to get that soft plump full erection! This is key, soft plump and full. Then once get that. Get a full hard plump erection. Lighten up your grip to allow more blood as you don’t want to squeeze all the blood out. Never Kung fu grip your own cock, its bad. Do some clamps and get it really fucking PUMPED before the cable clamp ever goes on!!! You want the biggest fattest boner you can get. This all occurs in about one minute. 3-4 min just watching porn getting warmed up then one min soft plump then hard plump. If you can’t get a good plump your dick isn’t ready for a workout. Abort right away and rest! Take a hot shower try again in 20min or rest a day.

Intense set of 7-10 min - Alright the clamp. Up and down mounting of the clamp.(the locking clicks are at the top) Now I use lotion and porn. I sit at my computer. Legs are crossed lengthwise. So my ankles are locked and my calves knees and thighs are all touching. Lots of lotion.

Ok lets say after a few min into a set my erection begins to fade. I lotion,lightly stroke and squeeze then I unlock the clamp, not all the way I just loosen it a little. Squeeze hard a few times. Then LOWER the clamp and lock it back down. Make sure to lower it if you can. This takes a quick 5-10 seconds to do. This is to get a little fresh blood and a little more pump. I do this alot even without a fade of erection. Its a good change up.

Ok 8 min is up and its time to take the clamp off. I try to get a real good pump right before it comes off. Unclamp and keep your legs crossed and squeezed. I do this for about one min. Light jelqing squeezing and all that jazz.

Then and this is very important I immediately rinse off with hot water in the sink. While still plump and slightly hard, rinse for about about one min. Wrap my towel around me and sit back at my computer legs crossed lengthwise. Do some squeezes and surf porn for 5 min then start watching porn again. Repeat the warmup this time much quicker! Throw the clamp on as soon as you get close to 90% erect. You may get just one chance at getting the clamp on at the right time. That first erection after coming back from a rest is always real plump. attack the erection! This is because erection power is starting to fade so don’t waste time. Get the clamp on. Now sometimes I would use another clamp right on top of the other one. Same position as the first. Second clamp would go on for only 1-2 min.

Now after the second set I get in the shower. Real hot water make sure your facing the hot water. Now the 3rd and final set can come right after the shower or an hour or two later doesn’t matter. After the 3rd set again hot water sink rinse.

Cool down with some squeezes. I strengthen that pc muscle all the time and all vets should have a strong one! If your a vet and you can’t flex the shit out of that muscle you better focus on it for a few weeks.

On light days I would just tone down the routine to one or two sets. Hot water sink, shower mixed in. On real light days its just 5-15min of manual clamps.

So my gains came by doing less. My routine was full force style with these 4x12min sets. Sometimes I would need two days to rest. Then I got a girlfriend and couldn’t have days where my erections were weak. I started doing light two set routines just for a pump. I mixed in some days of a 3rd set, and pump, pump, pump, my dick has more girth in a few months.

That’s it. Comments and questions are welcome.

Nice to see some gains! And have the girl noticed anything?

NICE !! Great gains :D Keep it up:)

So did it take several months of clamping before you started gaining, or was that just how you felt because you were measuring too often?

If it took you several months before you started gain, what changes in things do you feel brought about the start of gains (I mean what were you doing differently before that wasn’t working)?

Lastly, how many months of gaining would you say it took to get the .35-.4” at the top/middle?

It seems like more and more guys are reporting success with infrequent girth workouts, and by keeping it short and light…

I love GOLD

Good question vkn1. Remember this is only for me.

I was over doing it. To long of sets not enough rest time in between sets and in between workouts. I was a hanger, and the more time spent hanging the more you gain. Well I don’t think this is true with clamping. It is important to put time in the clamp but to much will null out any gains you are getting. While 5min a day won’t gain anything it is important to keep a unfatigued uninjured dick. Some weeks I would only clamp maybe 3 times. But when I clamp my erections are very strong and my sets are very intense with alt of pressure. Some weeks I would do three days in a row and other weeks I would do just one on one off or two on two off. Like I said I didn’t do a routine! I just worked out depending on how I felt. If I really gave it to my girlfriend 3 or 4 times that afternoon then I knew I couldn’t clamp at all that night because I wouldn’t have a strong erection. Lets say I broke discipline and beat off in the morning well I MIGHT clamp that night, some 10 hours later. As to give my dick some time to recover and get strong again. Sometimes if I beat off then I knew I couldn’t clamp, and I didn’t.

So what I changed was the whole thinking of which I PE’ed. No longer was I saying to myself “alright its Wednesday so I must do 3 sets of 10min each with a break of 2min. Break the mold take the knowledge you know and do your own thing. Shorter sets longer breaks. Sure I want to do 3 sets but if I can’t then that is fine. I know that if I get in that first set and its really good and intense then if my second set only goes for 6min with a weak pump at the end then that’s ok. My dick is telling me that he has had enough and its time to stop!

I also included HOT WATER in my workouts. This is not to be over looked. I ALWAYS use hot water after each set!

I have been clamping for a while, many months with no gains. I’d say 5-6 months with nothing then I changed to the thinking I have now, and in about 2-3 months I went from 4.75 girth to 5.35 base and 5.1 at the top. Try clamping just as a toning exercise, lets say 2 intense sets, 7 min each. 2 on 1 off. I just wanted a little bit more plump in the bedroom and BAM I found my solid gains!

Nice, I’ll try this out, as I’m starting to think along the same lines you are.

I have to say though, your post sounded like you were high on speed or something :) In a good way, of course.

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

You should make a note that it takes a lot of experience to reach the point where you’re tip-toeing the line of overtraining. For those who are inexperienced, please err on the side of less work. Pay attention to those physical indicators.

It takes at the very least a few months to know if you’re getting a good workout and doing exercises correctly. It’s a good idea to use a ‘maximum’ workout like thal has to make sure you don’t overdo it.

Thal has made a good point that beating up your penis with another set, when it’s not up to it, isn’t going to do any good.

Because it takes more time to recovery if your beating it up with one more set. Or two more minutes. Just like in weight lifting, recovery time is equally important as the time you spend lifting. Its 50/50. PE and recovery. I believe the hot water and shower help in the recovery time. Allowing blood to flow more freely for about an hour after your workout.

Thal, You had pretty good length. How much of that came from hanging and what kind of hours were you putting in back when you were hanging?

I hope American social taboos keep PE the underground movement that it should be.- pesoldier

thal, it sounds like you made pretty good gains. I have made some gains from clamping as well, but not as much as I originally thought. I think that regular clamping leads to a bit of a swollen state, and fluid build up that gives you girth that is temporary.

I guess I am asking if you think your gains are cemented? Have you taken any breaks to see if you lose anything?

Horny Bastard

pesoldier- I originally gained an inch from hanging. Took a long decon break and just didn’t want to hang anymore. I was then 8 inches long. I lost a .25 of a inch. But I don’t do any length exercises at all. My ligs feel like they would stretch easy though.(hard to explain)

I think hanging is not for everyone. I hated it. PAINFUL is not the word. Look up pain in the thesaurus and you will find a better word for pain. I don’t recommend it. And to much length can be a bad thing, I have learned that the hard way.

Hours on hanger, well no less then 10. I was doing about 15 a week. All gains came at 5 to 15 lbs.(first a week at 5lbs then a week at 6 and it keeps going) I think that was how the weight moved up. Could have been different. Research that. But anyway I was hanging alot. It took over my life. Worst thing is, bad erections. I hung BTC. That’s- “Between The Cheeks”. But you can mimic this exact hang by reaching your hand back behind you, and underneath your balls. Pull and stretch from behind and underneath in a downward pull. I didn’t like hanging but loved the gain. Most intense PE exercise there is. Clamping is a very close second.

mravg- No I have not taken a long break. But I am gaining, so why take a long break. Ride the wave till it stops. Then take a decon break. But a long term break I may never take. Even after I stop PEing an hour a day, I will always do light clamps or jelqs, FOREVER. I love it. Till I’m old and grey and taking Viagra.

I just hope some asshole doesn’t come along and wreak one of the finest sites on the net. But the word is out there. Fact is clamping is on Wikipedia. It says it clamping with string, cable clamp, or tight cock ring. So the word is out there, but only we know how to use it.

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Hey thunder brothers. Been awhile since I last wrote. I’d just like to say I have continued to grow with the short intense clamping sessions. Its simple buy two clamps, some kind or wrap and clamp just to give yourself a pump about 3-4 days a week. Intense and a few days a week works for me.

How much are you packing now thal? And what does the old lady think of your progress?

04: NBP 5.5, EG 5. 08: NBP 7 EG 5.25. Current: NBP 6.5 EG 5.25

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