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My problem

My problem

Hi, I’m new here =D

So, I think I have this problem: when I jelq, I can’t stay more than 10 minutes doing it because penis get all purple[including the gland(I think my cels brake very easily)]

So I wanted to know if the same happens to you guys, and if I’m doing something wrong

Note: I don’t push hard on the sessions

I almost forgot

Oh, I almost forgot

It’s mainly a problem because I have to rest all over the week to get my penis back to normal

So it’s bad for my sessions =/

Purple dots? Purple from the very base to the peehole? REALLY purple, or pink-purple?

And then you are saying you have to rest a whole week?

How erect are you when you Jelq?



Well, for starters, maybe you are squeezing too hard. Maybe let up a bit.

If that is not it, try doing a routine for 3 or 4 minutes. If all is well, after a few days increase the duration by a minute. Keep going, little by little, making sure your penis gets conditioned properly before hitting 10 minutes.

Personally, I have been Jelqing for 5-6 months and only RECENTLY started going past 10 minutes! (But I am doing the super-cautious approach, I admit.)

PS: Where are you from? Brasil? (“br”?) Welcome to the forum!

My Before and After pics -- .5" gain...

Actually there were no dots at my penis

It was purple from base to head, man =p

It’s funny cause you seemed very annoyed while writing =D

I started a new program, much “softer” (I don’t know if this is a good word to use.. Anyway), my penis isn’t purple anymore, so calm down xD

And, yes, I’m from Brazil

You must be Brazilian too, cause you wrote Brazil with a “s” =]

Well, thx for the concern blop =)

C ya

Oh, yeah, when I get a big growth I’ll post my photos =D

But I think this is reserved for another thread

Cya =D

>And, yes, I’m from Brazil<

You know we have Spanish forums, right :)

Foros en EspaƱol

I agree blop is using way too much capitalisation atm.

Originally Posted by memento
You know we have Spanish forums, right :)



My Before and After pics -- .5" gain...

Yup, I grew up next to a country where French is spoken. Guess what my second language is.

I can help you with those caps, btw.

You guys are too funny.Guess what language this is? LOL!

I believe that Portuguese and Spanish are quite similar. Excuse my ignorance, but I believe the countries Portugal and Spain share a border.

They are both Romance languages; and, if you speak one you will have an easier time learning the other. They are not so similar that speaking Portuguese would mean he has Spanish.

The whole point of the Newbie routine is getting you penis conditioned and used to doing PE. It sounds like you have a very sensitive penis and have figured out a gentler routine that doesn’t hurt it. Good job! :) As your penis toughens up simply work your way up to the Newbie routine and then beyond. You only have one penis so be careful not to break it. An injury will set you back much more than being careful and slow, so you are doing the right thing.

Even if you never post pictures take a “before” picture just for your self. Once you have some gains you will wish you had a before picture.

Anyone else wondering if his extremely sensitive penis is indicative of fast/easy gains?

Running a Massive Co-Front.


Yes, Spanish and Portuguese are very similar

I understand what a Spanish is speaking, but I can’t speak Spanish at all and the opposite is true

And, yes again, Spain and Portugal share borders, maybe that’s why the languages are so similar. :)

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