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2x with ED problem - please HELP all good men!


2x with ED problem - please HELP all good men!

at first, I was embariced to post this to the board so I sent a PM to avocet
after his reponse I’m sure others could comfort me too, so please please do so!

I’m posting my whole problem thing combilned, PLEASE READ IT alltough it’s long…


first to say i’m 22, straight, not overweight, eat OK and take vitamins,minerals etc
my problem begun about a year ago when I noticed I could not last very long during sex, but could get it up few times a day and was no big problem
i have a slight downwards curve on my penis, it’s 7.2” erect, 5.5” flacid never did any PE, until recently (but that later)

I started masturbating a lot and lost pretty lot of libido, lost sensitivity and time to come got shorter and shorter

about a half a year ago I got a new girlf. and started sex with her… I could not get it up normal ways (she noticed when we kiss nothing happens in my jeans), I had to have someone grab my penis and work it to be hard

and during sex it would become completly flacid, and as I tried to ‘get more into sex’ I was thinking hard to stay aroused, but that would lead me to come … so it’s a problem - hard to get erection (once a day and no more), little or no sensitivity (jerking off suppose), shot duration in sex (either becomes flacid or I finish, penis is going tu numbness)

Then I found this site and started the routine - warmup, stretch, jelq, uli and horse (only 1), kegels+reverse
did not notice any ED improvements but is’t looking better with a lot stronger penis (with blood vessels etc), but still I have the same problems
my night erections returned in a weak way, usually can have sex in the morinig, in the evenng only if I get an oral before (still it drops, becomes numb during sex)

I bought Pygeum, seems not to help, viagra did the trick but way to expensive, will try l-arginine but also expensive (5-day supply is 1/10 of monthly paycheck)

I hope you will read this letter and gime me some sort of comfort, advice or oppinion
Should I stop jerking off?just PE?kegels+reverse k?

I want o keep this great lady of mine coause everything works except sex, she’s older tham me and we have sex only once every week, and a poor one, she belives she’s not attractive tzo me anymore, we dont enjoy sex and to be honest I’m scared every time we’re supposed to do it

please, please respond and be in touch with me
(I would like gains in PE, for startzers in my ED and than in size)

I used to have painful night erections but they got lost for two years, I
tought it was due to me studying a lot or jerking off frequently. Now, I
feel that they’ve came back a little, I often have a boner in the morning
last month or two (since I started PE and cured the bacteria - forgot to
mention I went to bacteriologist to chek my whole sytem for sexual deseases,
if that would be the case, I cured it with antibiotics)

>Did the erection difficulty start with this new girlfriend or did you
experience it also with another >partner?

Had problems with old partner, but not with erection but with duration of
sexual intercourse. Then I had one short partner who could not get it up,
and now this great one ith whom I’ve somtimes suxceeded but sex is never a
pleasurable thing because it keeps falling off

>You say you were masturbating “a lot” then lost some libido and
sensitivity. How often were you >jerking off on average then and how often
do you masturbate now?

Well I’d say I has sprees of 4-times a day every week, but average twice a
day, now only once (I cannot have the erection the same day twice, or at
least I dont try)

Forgot to mention I did some steps to try to solve this thing:
started PE routine (3x a working weekdays, weekend off to be cautious of
more damage, hotwrap fefore and after workout,just manual things)
started taking VItamin E 400 IU (or is it UI?)
started pygeum, but have a supply for only 15 days and it’s now showing any
stopped emptying my bladder before going to bed (I guess it helped my noght
erections), dinking water
..nothing seems to be working, altough I see some progress
I’m healthy, non smoker, no weird food/drink habits, good looking, clean and succeful young

so the problem now is:
Don’t know if it’s the libido or waht, but when me and my girlfriend star
kissing my tool makes no response
When we want to have sex I, most of the times get an erection, enough to
penetrate her, and pleasure her for 10 minutes but then as we change
postions it goues off - OR I try to keep it on and I finish. When she gets
propertly arroused my dick goes numb and I know it’s going to shrink - so I
either think of someting sexy or kegel, which both leads to cum.
She is great looking female and just looking at her makes my friends get a
hard-on, and I cannot do that - maybe it’s the visual addiction from
internet porn
when she grabs me in jeans she expect it to grow but it doeas nothing, I
feel nothing, it’s like she’s not touching me in that way at all
When I was younger I used to have a boner on the beach, just thinking of
woman, had night erections that pleasuraby hurt (Sure would like them back)

. one more thing … when it gets erect during or before intercourse it does
not get as hard as it does when I touch it myself (it can regullary be bent
and then it disappoints me)
I’m awae that the problem if partly psyhological beacuse of the constant
failures, but my girlfriend makes no fuss of it so I think I’d overcome it
by now…

***sorry for my poor englis***

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Do you discuss this problem with your girlfriend? I think discussing it fully with her would put less stress on you.

You should be exercising regularly. You didn’t mention whether you do that.

Stop masturbating every day. If you believe you can only get it up once per day, save them up. :) Just try it.

Good luck!

Hi cocoal,

My advice is to masturbate only 2 or 3 times a week (if you have to), and to stop watching or looking at porn. For me, porn desensitizes my sexual senses, and that’s why I stay away from it. Try this out for a month and see what happens.

I’ve been through this before, and I know how hard it is. But I worked through it with the help of my girlfriend, and I no longer have problems. And the same will happen for you, too. It also sounds like you need to try and relax a little more during sex. Instead of focusing on sex, focus on foreplay and oral, and discuss this with her. Because then the pressure is off for you to get an erection for sex, and eventually, after you get used to not having that pressure, you’ll be able to get hard and enjoy sex.

Good luck, and remember that you have a group of friends here to help you through this.


I recived an immediate, understanding reply from avocet, and I can allready tell that I love you guys! I’m much more confident talking about it and I forgot to mention my gfriend knows about my problem (it’s obvious) and she says she will help me anyway she can (she says it’s not that catastrophical if she’s not pleased every day, or week - month ;) ) but I know she’s having a hard time with it as me :)

by this time ss replied the post (10q,10q,10q!)
forgot to say I’m rather fit, sport type and generally OK…(seems unfair:(

the things I’m about to do:
-stop taking pygeum (or at least not buy any more) and buy l-arginine (over here we have only 50 400 mg pills package that can last for 5 days for me 2+2g a day) and it’s rather expensive, but I will give it a try. I don’t live in USA (but bosnia), if I would I’d buy a kilo-pack for 60 USD I saw guys here mentioned :(
-STOP maturbating and stop taking any artificial perceptual stimulants (porn), just plain old imagination troughout the day
-continue PE routine (any sudgestions?)
-continue Vitamin E

(any I should add?)

…in some time I hope to restore my night erections to painful levels, get rocky erections during the whole sex-thing, and finally gaining confidence so that it stays hard no-matter-what (in general - to be a normal 22-year man)

…. I think I can blame my problem in this line:
jerking -> led to lost sensitivity
porn -> led to high stimulant demands
failures -> leading to perf. anxiety

(anthing I forgot?)

as nothing is done yet; i urge anyone with any other ideas to speak up!


Good luck, it sounds like you got some good advice. I agree with the no porn and much less jerking off. Some exercise couldn’t hurt. When your with your chick think about how much you care about her and how much you want to make love to her, don’t think about some whore getting banged in a porno.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

I will post results of my “new year decisions” in a coulpe of days when I get arginine

in the meantime, should I get more serious routine in PE?

I will also buy some v* to help me with selfasteem

Cheaper Viagra and Cialis

Hi Cocoal.

I also can have these problems, especially with it going soft in the middle of a session, and also ejaculating too fast.

But at my age, 52, lack of erectile performance is perhaps to be expected and is OK to be cured “chemically”.

For you, I would expect that any drug intervention should maybe only be used until you’ve got your confidence ….and performance….. back.

I’ve bought both viagra and cialis over the Internet , from recommendations of guys here at Thunder’s Place at prices way cheaper than from a pharmacy in Australia. I covered myself legally by getting prescriptions from my doctor. You have to buy in bulk, but the doses work out at about USD $2 per 50 mg Viagra pill, and same for 25mg of Cialis.

I bought liquid Cialis from and 100mg Viagra pills in peppermint flavour suckable form from I cut the Viagra in half—-or bite it off. Cialis is similar to Viagra, but lasts for 48 hours. The effect is a little more “subtle” than that of Viagra. This one comes in liquid form in an alcohol base, with an “eye dropper” to measure out one mL, which you drop onto your tongue.

Both are best done an an empty stomach.

I’m not sure if you can get these delivered to you in Bosnia where you are (???) without the customs people being involved, but there were “no questions asked” by anyone here in Australia.

Another thought…..Have you tried 2-3 (no more) glasses of wine (etc) to relax you and slow down the ejaculation process before sex ??? Maybe this is a silly question, as my impression of most European countries, especially ex communist countries is that everyone drinks alcohol……(!!!) I do this to slow me down.

Finally, I do think you have great English, and I know how hard it must be to do written English when ( I imagine ) it is not your “first language”,…..but maybe you could use the spell checker button that is built into the bottom of the posting and reply screens here at Thunder’s Place to fix up your typing and spelling errors. Thanks.

Rob, "the person formerly known as P9"

This is a PENIS ENLARGEMENT FORUM, and whether it's tiny, medium or already huge, you are equally welcome to share how you grow it bigger and what this means to you!!!

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Hi man

what can I say is only/
have you checked your level of hormones
by a doctor? Only to see if everything is ok.
If the testoterone is too low could be a cause of it
Or if you have vascular problems?
Only to be sure.

Maybe the fact that your girl is so good looking
may induce you to think negative, that you are
not enough good for her…like a little intimidate
by her…if so, work on this and convince that is not so…

Have you tryed a cockring to put during the

Have you tried some device like a velcro wrap
to wear during the day?

I personally take avena sativa
(15 days every months or like that..)
it works good to me.
Also Arginine-ornitine
the night before to go bed
seems to release NO, which
is good for erections…
I read also choline may be good…

Omega oil help blood circulation
and bilberry compex seems to
help too (read on men’s health)

best wishes


If you can swing it, about 5 grams of Arginine morning and night will make you rock hard.

It did for me, anyway.

I’ve rarely, if ever, ordered online…but I have ordered from this company on a number of occaisions, and their service is outstanding.…45775b8067eaaf2

$23 (US) for 1 lb of L-Arginine, if you take 5 grams morning and night it will last 6 weeks. That’s a bit of overkill, so you could probably make it last 12 weeks.

I sure they have no problem shipping to Bosnia.

One other thing you might try, there is some evidence that eating large amounts of cruciferous vegetables (Ie: cabbage), helps with erections. I can’t remember the science behind it, but it had something to do with an unnatural high levels of estrogen in the blood. The DIM in the veggies helped convert the estrogen, or balance out the body chemistry, or something…

(be forwarned, however…if you wanted to go this route…you’d probably have to eat about 2 or 3 cabbage heads a day! I tried it, I found my erections improved substantially, however…taking a spoonful of Arginine was just as effective. I never tried the two together, but I’m certain I would have been walking around with steel 24/7 )

Best of luck,

(PS I’ve also found the problem to be fixed relatively quickly. A few days of Arginine gave me super erections. Cabbage, too.)

(PPS If going the cabbage route, I also recommend Olive oil as a dressing. There is some evidence, as well, that diets rich in certain types of fat help raise the libido.)

Keep doin' what your doin' ...

And you'll keep getting what ya got.


thank you for the ‘chemical’ advice, I will try some more *v* and post results (good thing is everything that is a brand can be bought via black market)
cialis gave me long, hard erection, but never worked after that day
-alcohol - I belive you have the wrohn picture of life here; it’s just as in germany or france but with less add-ons in life (we have more mercedes cars per man than germany :), and also, it (alcohol) makes me sick and drowsy, but I promise to try

first, I love your posts :) just as anyone else here
(been reading forum for 2 months)
I’d really like to have as little as visual helpers 4 erectio as I can (ring), I’m affraid it might scare offf my gf (if i’m 22 and wear that…what will it look like when I’m 35? or 50? or more?)
as for he velcro wrap, I read about it cannot understand a word of the concept - we dont have that product here and generally when guys here talk about assembly I find lot of gaps in my dictionary :)
I wold like to try a thing like that (wear all-day?) Can I make it from some other materials?
I would like to have an all-day thing if it would help
-atena sativa is oats? you have it in musli or in which way? as a powder?
I’m in process of getting arginine and will post results (50USD 0.4 kg + shipping 2 weeks)…oats I can get…loads of it
I take Vit E for circulation, maybe I should switch to omega oil?
what if I’d rub some circulation creams to my cock?
would that do sth?

@northstar - thanx for the link, I’ve put an order for arginine
as for cabbage - red, green, leaves or root?
(that we have for sure :))))))))

also, people, I switched to boxers if that could help, no more jockeys

thanx a bunch :)

also, could anyone help me take my routine to perfection?
I do hot wrap (shower) for 3 mins, stretch 10 mins (with presses), jelq 10 with 3-5 horses, and 5 minutes Uli
finish it off with a hotwrap (shower or rice)
that routine I do mon, wed, fri, and all other days I kegel ad reverse kegel
anything manual I should add?

I saw an zinck thing for the balls, I think by Uli… (zinc sticks and rubber half-rings)…could that help?

thanks man, we are a family here….

For the ring, ok is like you say…
but if you have confidence with your girl you may
say her that is only for a period. Or try to convince is a very sexy thing!LOL

velcro wrap,
I found that in italy here:
nice thing, with only one magnet
i put it on laterals of penis (right or left alternated every day)
that’s to say perpendicular.
Seems the magnet make more blood circulation.
And it is also used like a confortable cock ring
I use 4/8 hours

I have also ordined this:
I will post if it works when arrive…
believe can help for post PE stretching

atena sativa is oats, yes.
I use an homeophatic solution,
20 drops for 15 days, and one month off.
But is personal… Try what’s the best for you.

I take Vit E for circulation, maybe I should switch to omega oil?
No they are diffents concepts…
omega oil seems to clean veins, so can help in blood circulation.
Anyway you are very young…maybe you don’t need so much it…
unless a doctor says you have a specific problem.

zinc (better with vit B6 and magnesium) and tribulus helps too in buid testosterone…

thake them before go to bed, better without eat nothing.



Cocoal, I reckon that you should also talk to your doctor about this as xaixoit suggested.

At your age you should be bursting with erectile energy!!!

But also… don’t seem to have found the “Spell check” button yet.

Please make life easier for the Moderators, many of whom volunteer lots of time in reading and replying to many, many posts, by checking your spelling before you post.

This is one of our Forum Rules!!!!!

Rob, "the person formerly known as P9"

This is a PENIS ENLARGEMENT FORUM, and whether it's tiny, medium or already huge, you are equally welcome to share how you grow it bigger and what this means to you!!!

sorry p9, I will use it, found it now!

my supplements followup:

KAL Rendezvous (


L-arginene + l-ornithine 0.4 g/each tabs - 4x/day (1.6 g)

KAL makes me very nervous and jumpy, my back hurt; but I will post more results


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