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problem maintaining erection while jelking

problem maintaining erection while jelking

Hello guys. This is my first post here. :)

I have a serious problem to maintain the erection while doing my jelking routine. I have no problem getting an erection at first but I only manage to do 4-5 strokes and then immediately I am down to a 10% erection level.
I also have hard to get back the initial 60-70% erection level when I have started the session.
I sometimes need to masturbate for 5 minutes to get it back :(

This is only a problem when I jelk, otherwise it is hard as a rock.
When I first started PE 6 weeks ago this was not a problem but it gradually got worse and 2-3 weeks ago I took a break until now, but still no improvement. I even try to watch porn at the same during my jelking.

Any ideas,has this happened to anyone else?

Sorry your first post had to state a problem. Welcome, officially, to the forums.

What kind of jelking do you do specifically and is it wet or dry?



Hi danman, sorry to hear that you are in the same small club that I belong to. I tried anything and everything to stay semi-hard while milking my member. I tried the porn watching thing, either my dick was bored cause we were PEing, or I got major wood, but that whole 70% thing just doesn’t happen for me. Wet, dry, slow, fast,pumping my bc muscle (terminology:credit to westla), etc. Dry doesn’t work at all for me. With the wet I just mix it up and sometimes something will work for a while or not. Sometimes I will get in a zone and it will work semi ok for a few days or a week, usually not.

I can usually stay hard indeffinately for sex, but get 70% for PE? nope. Try anything and everything and hope you hit something that works for you. Be willing to constantly tweek your routine if your dick gets bored. Do a lot of stretching for length,and later, squeezes for girth.

Best O luck.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

…pumping my bc muscle (terminology:credit to westla)


Are you doing bc exercises other than during jelqing?

I was having the same problem, then started doing the kegals during my morning drive to work and extending the length of time to hold. This and stretching has helped tremendously.

This is quite interesting as I’ve found myself in the exact situation…six weeks into my PE and finding it hard (or not hard I should say) to become erect. I go through all the motions but finding it difficult to actually getting aroused to the higher percentages. When I first started, it was great and I have noticed a lot of changes in the way my dick feels (no gains yet though).

My thinking is that at this stage of the game, perhaps we’ve realized that getting that erection is for the working out of our dicks and not for stimulation and satisfaction with an orgasm. It’s amazing how our minds can work. I think it’s just a matter of working through this phase and not giving up.

I too have this problem, I must fantasize about different girls until the “girl de jour” gets the blood flowing. It really makes my workouts longer than I’d like. Some days are better than others.

Thanks for the replies. Interesting that more guys have this problem, most seem to have the opposite problem: they get to erect or aroused.

My routine is to start with 10-15 minutes jelking and after that I do 10 minutes manual stretching.

Anyway I think I will keep jelking and start to kegal much more frequently, hopefully it will improve

same problem for me too…arrrgg… i have to stimulate my ‘head’ in order to stay at leats 50-60% hard.. too much and it’s way too hard….

Same here. Sometimes I pause for a couple of seconds to jerk off. Then the erection comes back. But it never lasts long. I’m not sure but I think it’s quite common.

NBPEL = 6 (27/4/04). Aiming at 7 inches for now.

Personally, I watch my girlfriend when I want to get aroused. Her last name is avi.:D

Originally Posted by brtecson
Personally, I watch my girlfriend when I want to get aroused. Her last name is avi.:D

i like that. I do that too..

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