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My PE experience so far

My PE experience so far

I found thundersplace about 5 years ago through measurection. Back then penis size was just one of my many insecurities. I was a teenager and PE seemed kind of unsafe. Plus I lived at home with my parents and boiling hot water or microwaving socks wouldn’t have flown over too easily. Flashforward to January. I had a bit of a penis insecurity week. My brain was going wild with anxiety and I felt like shit. I had mostly put it out of my mind for awhile but it came back in full force. It was all I could think about. I had measured myself (crudely with a large metal tape measure) and was getting about a 5.1 NPBEL and 4.0 girth. It freaked me out. I went back on measurection and tried to sort myself out a bit. It wasn’t doing much. I remembered thunders existed again.

I came here and I started reading everything I could for about 3 days. Checking old forum posts, reading all of the stickies, examining the techniques, figuring out exactly what I should be doing. My main concern was to always have a functioning dick. One thing I read really resonated with me. Someone said that they did PE for physical comfort security. They just didn’t want to worry about size. That’s totally how I felt about it at first. The knowledge that I could at least work on my insecurity in some tangible way really helped to ease my mind about the whole deal. I started with the old newbie routine. My jelqing form was terrible (I couldn’t register for the videos yet) and I probably did about 200 of those. I did the 4 directional stretches for 5 minutes. They felt like they were a little too easy so I stretched a little harder.

Lesson learned.

The next day I had a pain in the right ligament. It hurt when I walked a little bit. It hurt when I got hard. I couldn’t jerk off. “Ok never again will I over do it” I told myself. I waited 4 days to feel back to 100%. In that time I was able to register for an account(I think I was anyway) and I started reading more of what was blocked to me before. I also decided to switch to the linear gains routine. The promise of instant gains and the focus on quality over quantity plus minimal time investment sold me on it. No stretches to start with too. So I did it for a few days, and noticed my EQ getting better. Awesome. Next time I really go at it. A lot of pressure on the 30ish Jelqs I did. The next day the skin on my dick was unresponsive. It felt like I was touching a body part that had fallen asleep from lack of blood flow. So, another 4 days I waited for feeling to come back. Lesson learned again!

So about 3 weeks in I realized I looked longer. I had been paying a lot of attention to it and it just seemed so. I abstained I took out the tape measure and got a 5.25 NBPEL. I then realized my measurements would always be inaccurate due to the top of the tape measuring compressing my glands. I went and bought a ruler that day. I went and bought a ruler, as well as a body tape measure from amazon. I measured my NBPEL and found out I was 5.5 inches. Woohoo! I jammed it in and got to about 6 1/16th of an inch for NBPEL. When the tape measure came I tried it a couple of different times and got a very consistent measurement of 4.25. Cool! It was bigger than I thought it was. My EQ had been pretty good (very good for one day) but it had been varying due to masturbation.

A few days ago I had gotten up to 90 Jelqs. I had increased the pressure I had done and focused more on a pumping motion. My one issue so far has been sustaining erection. I’ll get to about 75% hardness, do 10 jelqs, and slowly fall to about 50%, where I then have to get to 100 and let it fall down again. Occasionally it doesn’t happen and I’ll get 20-30 through at a consistent level. Anyway it seems to be working. Good morning wood, waking up with night wood, and some of the hardest erections I’ve ever had this week. I actually edged for an hour on my rest day because I was just so amazed at the change. It seemed bigger and felt fuller. When blood pumped in it looked like it was trying to get even bigger but it was physically restrained, throbbing like a mad man. My impromptu circumference measuring using the lines on my fingers indicated to me that I had increased in girth. It had happened once before for me but went away. I measured and was at 4.5 EG. My NBPEL was at 6 1/4”. I had an extra spring in my step the next day. The feeling is the same for me as lifting weights and breaking a plateau. I’ve had that same EQ for about 5 days now and it still fascinates me.

I have done a little stretching. To me ligament stretching seems like a waste of time since it requires a lot of maintenance. I have been doing 3x15 sets of 3 second upward holds in the shower with the shower head held up to my shaft after jelqing and warming down a bit if I happen to shower immediately after jelqing. I read that it targets the tunica more. Is stretching that important? And what other stretches are good for that sort of thing?

Feb 2011: BPEL 6 1/16th Mid EG: 4 1/2"

Good luck! I’ll be looking forward to your updates since we are starting at about the same size/time (well I just started this week). Sorry I can’t answer your questions but maybe someone else can now that I bumped the thread!

Originally Posted by Scurrilious

…. Is stretching that important? And what other stretches are good for that sort of thing?

Many swears manual stretches gave them 1”+ gains. What you are doing is an upward fulcrum stretches; to target the tunica, a downward fulcrum stretches would be better IMO. So do both. I think adding lateral fulcrum stretches (with a cylinder pressing against one side of your penis at the time) can be helpful too.

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