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My PE Experience

My PE Experience

My name is HandyMan and I’m a PEaholic.

I started this adventure back in late august of 2001. I had received some emails about penis enlargement, I’ve seen them before but this time I thought well maybe. I had seen adds like this in penthouse back in the 80’s and thought they were full of shit then, but I figured I would check it out this time and what the f__k, (wish I had looked into it then I’d be 9 by now but hind site is always 20 20). So I started surfing. I had what I thought was an average penis well about 6” maybe a little less maybe a little more I hadn’t put a ruler to it since I was in my twenty’s and then it was 6.5” my flaccid length sucked don’t even want to talk about it, I have what I’ve heard its been called as turtle dick (TD). So back to surfin and research with all the pay sites out there its hard to find any free info but I finally found some on jelkin, not much clear info on it but I figured it out (not rocket science). Within a week or so my flaccid length went up no soreness just thickness and length did I say thickness wow I never measured but what a difference. Once I realized that this really works I became real aggressive tried everything and anything, I scoured the net found this one site on rings put on as many rings on as possible it worked but I didn’t know it at the time cause I was doing so many things at that time or I wasn’t as attuned as I’m now more on this later good site wish I could refind it I tried recently but couldn’t. Oh by the way this is the best site I have come across of all the free site out there Thunder, to bad there aren’t that many but this site is great, honors go to Thunder and Bib wow when I grow up I want to be just like Bib I’m 47. So I was jelking away and wearing rings, doing great getting larger I woke up one morning to wake my son for school he looked at me I looked down and I was way out there I mean way way out there I should have put a ruler to it but I know it was over 7” I was like wow I did this, then the injury came. No not to the dick but to my right shoulder my best pulling arm its now April of 2002 it just got better. I tell you I could pull it so that it grew an inch or more at the end of a session I could see it. This was back in September. I continued with just the left but it just wasn’t enough and the pain just to hold my dick ooooch.

Sorry if I jump around but that just me, you’ll have to piece it all together for your self that’s what PEing is all about anyway finding what works for you.

So back to the rings I found this site it said that you put as many rings as possible on and keep adding to them it will grow so I bought some large binder ring and putem on and yup it works the only problem it pinches so I got some bondo and that took care of that problem. But there where some other problems with this. One they sometimes fall off when you have 20 some odd rings on your dick sometimes 1 or 2 may slip off. Second I got this rash kinda itchy so I tried different types of ring, silver works best but I only bought 1 silver baby bangle bracelet for $10 I wear it a lot, it keeps the blood in, I have TD you know.

More later.

I’m back and back to TD I still have TD but it has a much longer neck now. I’ve tried so many different things. From what I can figure out jelking is great but it give me much to much girth not that girth is a bad thing but I want to be 8” long, and it seem to be easier to stretch something thinner. I tried hanging up to 20lbs its not only cumbersome but I think it made my ligs stronger not exactly what I wanted. This doesn’t mean it won’t work for you everybody or every penis is different. So now I’m stretching I really like it and I’ve seen gains in 1 month see New Stretcher Contraption for info. Also see Circle Device I have TD you know and I believe that to keeping it extended after you do damage or micro tears is very important and with someone with TD its hard to keep it extended for along time. Gona make some more circle devices this weekend I have 2 on right now.

Still more to come.

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Good post interesting stuff, I’m glad the turtle stays out now”lol”
I like that TD


Thanks Dino

still have TD he just has a longer neck now thanks again

more later……..

So back to the rings there was some site in I think in Australia wish I could find it again if anybody finds it please post it I would really like to read it again. I used these rings for 4 to 8 hours a day after jelking I definitely had growth from that, which I had since lost yes I believe you can loss gains like I said before I had to stop jelking because of my shoulder problem maybe I should have bought the power jelker or a jar top opener lol. The rings kept me fully extended, the major problem I had was the rash and itch if only I could coat them with cloth or something or buy a lot of silver ones I didn’t want to spend $200 on 20 silver baby bangle bracelet. If anyone is interested in doing this HomeDepo has em, large ones are in the hardware used for rope ties or something like that smaller ones for the top of the dick I used curtain rod rings if your really interested just post and I’ll pull em out and measure em. On losses of gains has anybody else experienced this I’d like to know.

Still more to come I think this is going to be a thesis I hope thats OK

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