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Most effective PE to gain length??

Most effective PE to gain length??

Honestly, I did the newbie routine 3 times the first week I started PE and havent doen it again b/c time didn’t permit(eh..lame excuse) so ne ways. what are the proven or theoretically effective PE to gain length? thanks

I’m back to doing the newbie routine for the past 3 days again..:)

Best way to gain length is hanging and stretching. I would recommend sticking with stretching for awhile before you try hanging. Once you think you’re ready, read through the hanger’s forum to make sure you do it right. For some additional motivation, routines and techniques be sure to check out the Collected wisdom from the vets and good gainers thread.

Low erection jelqs are also good for length and for better overall circulation. But nothing beats stretches and hanging, but I suggest to throw in some jelqs after a stretching routine or a hanging set. Hope this helps and good luck on your path to a bigger tubesteak.

The JAI strech workes for me

I am currently just on a length routine and from all I have read, hanging seems to be the best method, plus it just makes common sense

God Bless the Marine Corps. Started 11/10/03 NBPEL-7.5" Mid shaft EG-5.6" Target size: NBPEL-9.5" Mid shaft EG-6.5"

I stretch for about 15 min then wrap a hot towel around my dick for about 5. After that, I jelq for 25 min. This I do every day taking 3 to 4 days of in a month. I have seen tremendous results in length and girth this way.

My stats are: NBPEL-8.75”
Mid shaft-61/4”

Hanging is not a good idea to me. I used to do it. I lost a lot in girth hanging. If you want a skinny dick go right ahead and hang. It’s also risky I might add.

Hey howdy hey. Welcome to Thunder’s. Check the Forum Guidelines out. They could be of some use to you. Also try looking around in the threads linked in my signature.

My advise is if you can’t commit for more than 3 days you will have problems. Get in the mindset that this is a looooooooong journey and you will do well. Finding Thunder’s was your first big step.

I’ve been doing the newbie routine for a month now, and actually just started adding some squeezes (very short sessions at first though). The newbie routine has been proven to produce results in the beginning for nearly everyone who was commited to it. As you max out your gain increase you can start adding new exercises or up your time limits some. Good luck to you. There is a great group here to help you along the way.


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