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Minor injury while doing dry jelq


Minor injury while doing dry jelq

Hello, I tried to do as many dry jelq’s as possible 2 days ago and I only got to like 113 when I felt that it got more sore, I realized I’ve been squeezing to hard and now I got a small bruise like dot on my penis, on one of the blood veins, of course I’ve crushed that poor vein. So here’s a question, how hard should I really squeeze when I do the dry jelq technique? It does not hurt now though, but it’s still blue.

Good question, I”ve got the same problem.

oh my…

this is why I don’t like dry jelqing. I can’t do it properly, its worse im uncircumsized too. Try wet jelqing if problem persists.

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You should not feel pain. During or after the stroke. You should feel good expansion in the glans, but NO PAIN! If you feel pain (either in the glans or where you grip to stroke) you are using to much force.


You crushed a vein? I think your penis being sore is the least of your problems. Imagine what would happen if you couldn’t get hard anymore. That on its own should provide you with enough reason to lower the intensity. I’d take a couple of days off and then see how you feel.

Hm yeah, it’s still got the “bruise” look, maybe 1 centimeter big, no pain and the color is going from darkred to red, it’s healing at least. Yes, I shouldn’t do it so hard I guess, someone mentioned that I should feel expansion in the glans, I’m not even sure how that would feel, the thing is I don’t got much sensitivity in my penis, I’ve always had that kind of problem, my girlfriend can even bite me in the penis without me feeling much at all, it only feels when she gives me bitemarks though ;P. I’ve looked at the dry jelq guide and I must say that I don’t even do all the exercises in there, is that necessary? I only do that Standard OK grip thing, is that okay or should I try the other exercises as well? I will also take a look at wet jelq, I’m not sure if water/soap is ok to use in the wet jelq techniques?


I once read that you should jelq so that the skin of the glans kind of swelled up and got smooth, but not bulging and with small nobs all over. That is a visual you could use to check that you are not using too much force.

Anybody else have any feedback on that?

regards, mgus

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Hmm, interesting, I think I’ve noticed the skin over the glans to be swelled up after dry jelq exercises, I’m going to do the exercise now so I’ll be back with a report after a while.

Originally Posted by Anonymous_
Hmm, interesting, I think I’ve noticed the skin over the glans to be swelled up after dry jelq exercises, I’m going to do the exercise now so I’ll be back with a report after a while.

Waiting with baited breath ;)

(I never did understand that phrase :( )

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What happened?


I get this sometimes, I think it means I put too much force. But even though I got this at three points on my shaft, after 2-3 days of resting and warming up during the day without doing any PE it is totally gone and now I just go more carefully. Yesterday, I tried to go easy with the jelqing and I was a bit persistent with how many I would do. At start it seemed I was just doing nothing, but near the end, my shaft was feeling a bit swollen and worked out, way better than the times I used to “do as much as I could take” regarding strength of grip.

But I am just newbie, I am trying to get how things are done in PE.


I’ve got a bit similar problem like these upper said things.

I’m doing PE for 3 month, gaining not to much, but still doing it, cause I belive in PE:)

So when I do dry jelqs or wet jelqs too, really doesn’t matter, there will be some red dots like petrechia, not larger than a pin’s head on my shaft not on my glans.

I tried to do wet jelqing 200 hundred divided in 4, so I did 50 than 2-3 minutes rest. I could go for 150 before I a realized the first red dot.

It would be darkened in time than getting lighter than ( I hope) it will vanish

So what should I do to not have them and how can I do the exercises? Maybe its a problem that I have a very fat vain on my back of my penis, and maybe it doesn’t like to be clamped?(I only use my hands no equipments)

Pls help

Raul, the little red dots you get sound like what I used to get before. They happen when you jelq at a high erection level, and too tight grip. Go easy.

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Thanks chicken, I’ll stick to your advice!

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