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Sadsak Slinky and dry jelq

Sadsak Slinky and dry jelq

In my quest for a more girthy penis I mainly do wet jelq and Ulis with the occasional horse squeeze. What I want to know is if there is anyone out there who has gained girth from doing the Sadsak Slinky. I haven’t heard anybody really post about it’s benefits. Also is the dry jelq a good exercise for girth?

How long have you been PEing for?
All the exercises bar the jelqs are considered to be advanced exercises and I would hate for you to get injured. Please be careful.

To answer your questions, yes, dry jelqs are a good exercise for girth. Remember as a general rule that jelqing at a higher erection level (70%+) promotes girth, while lower erection level jelqing promotes length.

I haven’t tried or really heard of anyone to have any great success with the Slinky’s, but I do believe that it does hit the tunica pretty hard, so once again, be very, very careful.


How long have you been PE’ing? I checked your posts and so far I’ve seen no mention. Jelqing and even Uli’s are one thing but Horse440s and Slinkys are something that can cause damage easily early on (and even when you have a lot of experience but maybe and off night).

The Slinky has been around since 2000. A fair number of people have made good gains. In 2003 it got rebranded the ‘DLD bend’ you will also find posts calling it that here. It’s an exercise that no one should consider without a good three months solid manual PE’ing behind them and even then you need to consider the risk reward ratio. It will most definitely exert the tunica greatly in a small area but if it’s overdone or performed with an erection you could end up with some nasty and possibly permanent side effects (search on peyronie’s and broken dick).

Its an exercise that is a worthy addition to a shock routine. It will weaken the tunica nicely.

Thanks for your concern guys. I have been PEing for a little over 3 months now. It seems that no matter how intense or long I PE for my dick never gets too beat up or tired. I am careful though. The last thing I want is a broken unit at my young age =)

How are the gains?

What’s your current routine (in more detail)

My routine usually lasts at least 20 or 30 minutes; sometimes I will go for nearly an hour. My gains have been very minimal. I usually wet jelq for 10 min. Hard 3+ second strokes at 85% erect. Then I will do 3 Uli squeezes and 2 horse squeezes. The Ulis I hold for 30 sec. The horse for 20 sec. Then I jelq 10 more min and repeat Ulis and Horse. I have gained about 2/10 length and 1/10 inch of girth. I started at 6.75 BPEL and 4.5 erect girth, so you can see why girth is my main priority here.

Girth grow is often a slow process. The lucky guys get an immediate increase quickly and then it slows. The not so lucky guys just get slow gains from the offset.

It’s worth thinking of girth gains in terms of the amount of volume. Small girth gains make a greater difference to volume than larger length gains. Put your stats into Size’s database to see how this works.

Your routine sounds sensible. It might be worth starting your squeezes 5 minutes into your jelq routine, so you jelq then squeeze for a minute or two then go back to jelqing again. Often doing this makes the subesquent jelqing seem more effective and the post session feeling of being worked last longer.

1/10” in 2 months is good stuff. PE is progressive. Keep at it!

Thanks for the advice Memento. One question though. What is Size’s PE database and how do I get there?

There’s a link at the bottom of every page.

You just use your normal forum username and password in the pop up box thingy.

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