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dry jelq just ain't happening for me

dry jelq just ain't happening for me

I don’t know what it is but I can’t seem to dry jelq, which sucks b/c I keep reading how these are better than wet jelquing.

I can’t make the full trip from the base to the glans in one motion, and from what I’ve read, this is normal(i’m cut btw). I can get about 1/2 way up the shaft when i get alot of skin stretching on the underside of my shaft(at the base which then means the skin on my scrotum starts getting involved in the process). I’ve tried to hold my skin in place at the base during this, and that feels even worse to me.

Even when I do it in a two step motion, the amount of rubbing on the shaft really feels unpleasant. I understand that PE isn’t meant to feel good whilst doing it, but I don’t feel the engorging of my cock anywhere near as how I do when I’m wet jelquing.

Any reccomendations on how to wet jelqs?

I’ve switched to doing more power jelqs now(w/the two hands and one replaces the other w/a good base grip after each jelq), and I’m gonna stick with this traditional jelq/power jelq routine for now.

I’m going back to dry jeqling then. I had no idea that dry jelqs were better than wet jelqs actually. Now that I have read this, I am fully motivated to go back to dry jelqing (it’s easier and I wouldn’t take as long in the shower).

I’m uncut by the way.

Originally Posted by thetorch

Any reccomendations on how to wet jelqs?

sorry, I meant to say DRY jelq.

You can adjust where you grasp the skin to maximize the length of your stroke. Grip such that the skin is somewhat taut toward the head when your stroke is at the base. You’re probably already doing this, but it’s the first thing that came to mind.

Really, sounds like you are on the right track but have tight skin. I’m not sure about the rubbing on the shaft. It shouldn’t be painful or even uncomfortable. Where are you feeling the discomfort? Deep within, top, sides? Maybe ease up on the pressure and/or jelq less engorged. I use an overhand grip and apply most of the pressure to the sides, which avoids the dorsal nerve.

Hi there Thetorch:) ,

Well, first relax, don’t get frustrated:) you sound so desperate. OK, if you have high and tight cut-your circumcision status which I try to summarise from what you’ve said, thats mean you have to divide your dry jelqing motion. So, you have to dry jelq as far as you can at the base and than you move to the upper end. And than you do the jelqin in the part that hasn’t been reach by your hand. I think that could do it. I usually dry jelq, its more simple, but I’m uncut so no problem with me. Hope this could help. Let me know how its going OK:) . Seeya.

I also can’t with dry jelq :(

Even if the wet one works SOOOO wonderful :)

There isn’t any demo-video around?

Maybe I’m only one who read his post, but with dry jelqs, you don’t goto base to head in one stroke. You go from base to middle for a set, then middle to head for a set.

I’m cut and go from base to just behind the glan in one stroke. I couldn’t do this initially, but with some grip placement changes and time the skin is now more loose. I found it easier to use an overhand grip appying more pressure to the sides to aviod the sack pinching.

Thanks “Wadfile” that comment realy helps to put things into perspective for me. (I’m circumcised and want to do the ‘Dry Jelq’ as well)

Wet Jelqed for 8 months!!

Started dry jelqs while on vacation last months WAY better!!

Or maybe where It’s a new exercise it just feels better.

I don’t know if this is written on another thread but here are a few things I learned.

Step 1.
If your are not circumcised apply a small amount of Vaseline or similar around the base of your gland (head) and let your foreskin ride up over your head.
I do this in the mornings when I get up and it stays there all day. If you are circumcised you may not need it or you have to apply it when your are jelqing.

Step 2.
OVERHAND grip palm facing down on top of your shaft. Use a “okay” grip with thumb and finger (I may cheat and use two fingers to apply more pressure sometimes)

Step 3.
Start at the top of your penis just below your gland (head) or around there, pull back towards your body with just enough resistance to pull your skin back. Now you have excess skin built up behind you grip. Apply pressure and pull forward stopping before your head release pressure, just keeping enough pressure on to pull your skin back.

I find the Vaseline between my foreskin and gland stops the friction from my hand or my foreskin rubbing over my gland. You don’t get any Vaseline on your hand because your foreskin covers the Vaseline and your gland on the forward stroke.

Step 4.
Use one hand left or right you can’t use both at one time because you need to maintain tension on the skin at all times or you will have to stop and reset your “okay” grip to the right position.

I start with flaccid jelqs and as I get harder I may have to adjust my grip slightly to keep from putting to much tension on either side of my skin in front of my hand or behind.

25 reps (or for you non-fitness types strokes) with my left hand then 25 with my right and so on.

It does not require numbers. You can do much jelq as long as it does not hurt.

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