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Measuring girth

Measuring girth

When measuring the girth, should I get as hard as I can, take my measuring tape, and squeeze it around my penis as hard as I can, OR should I measure the total girth of my penis? Because even if I feel close to hard as a rock, pulling hard on the tape can make me lose some minimal fractions of inches.

You should not pull the tape around your shaft; rather, make sure it is snug but with no pressure applied to it to make it tight.

Most of us report mid-shaft girth.



Thanks, makes me feel better, cause when pulling as hard as I could it was much smaller :) Found out I’m actually 5 1/4 midshaft which I find acceptable. If I use a cock ring I stay 5 1/4 midshaft but I get rock hard, pulling as hard as I want on the tape wouldn’t change my measurement from 1/16 of an inch. I don’t know why, but my cock has been MUCH bigger recently, I think I used to be 4.5” girth. Hell, I used to pump before going to see my girlfriend and I’d be at 5” EG, but my erection felt somewhat spongy. We didn’t have sex since my cock started to feel big like that, I can’t wait to see if she’ll get more pleasure. I’d like to know if some of my gains are cemented, since for the first few months in my PE career all I did was pump, and I don’t think I’ve gained anything from that. I never took more than 1 day off, but as far as I remember, my girth always went back down to 4.5” or so. Now I’m not only bigger, but my penis also feels much more “full”, both erect and flacid. I guess I went off topic, but it makes me damn happy, even tho I’m still considered average or below average girth-wise :) Oh, and if anyone cares, my girth is 5.5” about 1 inches away from my stomach.

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