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Amazing Girth Supplement!


Amazing Girth Supplement!

I have to let the cat out of the bag. I haven’t PE’d in years. Instead, I’ve been diligently working on a secret girth formula, testing it on volunteers, refining it, etc. I think I have a winner on my hands.

With my modified formula, 14 test subjects gained an average of 3-5mm (0.12-0.20”) of erect girth gains per week during the final pre-release study, which ran 16 weeks and saw erect girth gains in the range of 1.69 to 3.78 inches (mid-shaft). One subject increased his erect girth to more than 9 inches.

The required dosage is 2 tabs per day. A 30-day supply costs only $249.99 (and should boost your erect girth measurement by approximately 0.68 inches during that one month period). After your desired girth is attained, you need take only 1 tablet every 50-60 hours to fully retain your gains.

As of this writing, I’ve applied to more than 140 nations for permission to export Wad Zinc Girth Tabs ® for retail commerce. So far, only the country of Djibouti has granted their approval; however, I just received a letter from Gambia’s trade ministry requesting more information.

As such, don’t expect to get your hands on a bottle of Wad Zinc Girth Tabs ® in the West for less than $700 or so – if you can even find it. But if you can, it’s well worth it!

I need +4”G before next saturday as I told a special girl I met on the internet I was bigger than I really am. Is it okay to take at 20 times the dosage, and will it make me pregnant?

Will Wad Zing Girth tabs still work if I take them with my moms breast milk?

Originally Posted by Shiver
I need +4”G before next saturday as I told a special girl I met on the internet I was bigger than I really am. Is it okay to take at 20 times the dosage, and will it make me pregnant?

Will Wad Zing Girth tabs still work if I take them with my moms breast milk?

Another 4” in a week seems unlikely, though not impossible. Also, I would strongly caution you against exceeding the recommended dosage; however, I’m not aware of any cases of male pregnancy resulting from the overuse of my girth supplements.

Taking the tabs with your mother’s breast milk was an interesting theory that one of my subjects actually suggested in an earlier study. We concluded that any added benefits are eliminated if the breast milk makes contact with the air; therefore, you need to suckle directly on her breast. Understand?

If you’re interested….

Contact Info:
Year Established: 1990
P O Box:1194
Phone: 371532
Fax: 3715323
Opening Hours:8:30AM TO 6:00PM
Contact Person: KHALID KADRI
Contact Person’s Title: MANAGING DIRECTOR

I cannot assume ANY responsibility for any legal problems which may arise if a member attempts to import this supplement into their nation of residence. Be aware that you may face serious consequences if you are caught by your postal or customs authorities!

I’ll take a 2-year supply, but first I’ll need your help.

My name is Xorgfoo, and I am a Nigerian prince. My family has $43.5 million USD tied up in U.S. customs. If you are willing to send me $10,000 USD for legal fees, I will reimburse you your $10,000 and add an addition $100,000 as my way of saying thanks. Please send the money here. Thank you.

This sounds really good, I’ll have to order a 4 year supply in order to reach my long term goal of 8x45”. I read that the male citizens of Djibouti already have the highest average girth in the world (about 6.5” msg, give or take 5-7%). Won’t this mean that in a couple of years, when they’ve all grown to average girths of about 15” or so, the whole world’s girth average will reach a new peak? This is a scientifical breakthrough, almost as good as my “Gettin’ Taller”-kit (available only in Latvia for $5.99).

Thoughts? Reflections?

"You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts."

Don’t buy the hype, guys, Dino’s Snake Oil is unbeatable.

I’d like to carry out a double-blinded, placebo-controlled comparison study between the Wad Zinc Girth Tabs ®, Dino’s Snake oil and the Growman Solution Pills™.

FYI My pills came out top in several penis pills studies involving leading penis pill brands.

Hmm I cannot find that thread I had started about the Growman Solution Pills™!!! Can anyone find it for me? I’d like my pills to get more publicity.

Don’t forget I am also the co-creator of a revolutionary high-tech next generation penis enlargement procedure. So as you can see I am one smart cookie whose products you can trust

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It can’t hurt to do both unless your talking about her pussy “insert stupid fake laugh here”

Guys don’t worry my lawyers “Vito and Carmine” are already working to acquire Dino’s I mean Wads zinc oil it seems Mr. Wad has a little women problem he needs removed and we have the muscle to take care of such problem.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)




Originally Posted by Stretchin
Size matters, that's why my dick is blue and brown and has a sharp pain in the left side.

Previously known as Ben Dover.

What would happen if I stuck a week’s worth of Wadzilla’s Tabs up my butt?




I need to grow another dick, because my wife really would like
double penetration, and I don’t like the idea of another male human being
joining us. Would your pills help in that department?

Let’s say I spilt the pills in half and take
double doseage?
I have estimated that this would give me a girth gain of 0.68” x 2= 1.36” in one month, and also
another dick wich would possibly be only a modest 1.36” in girth. But after 6 months I’d have to stop or
get blood-transfer every time an erection was on the way. Sorry, that is TWO erections.

I’ll send you the money on monday.

Thanks for inventing a way of gaining girth with no effort!! And who cares what happens to the guys who make cable clamps?

So who will invent the length pill?


January 2009: BPEL: 8.6" EG: 5.7"

Goal for 2009: BPEL: 8.75" EG: 6"

Ultimate goal: BPEL: 9" EG: 6.5"

That’s a July fool thread or what !!

Starting size: BPEL: 7.2"(18,5cm) EG: 5.3"(13,5cm) Andropenis during 7 months (August 2003-March 2004): BPEL: 8.3"(21cm) EG: 5.5"(14cm) Current size: BPEL: 8.5"(21,5cm) EG: 5.7"(14,5cm) Goal: :D BPEL: 9"(23cm) EG: 6.5"(16,5cm)

Originally Posted by Sly
That’s a July fool thread or what !!


"You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts."

CAn’t imagine you would have issues importing or exporting a zinc product. Care to divulge any of the other ingredients? I’m sure you have filed a patent for this proprietary blend, so disclosure shouldn’t be an issue and would be mandatory for export into most “western” countries.

I also have a product that may or may not come to market. Mine will contain ursolic acid among others in a proprietary blend that should result in increases in girth and length. Delivery method needs to be perfected though as some unwanted sides such as protate hypertrophy could occur. In fact any product that will successfully increase either girth or length should have this as a side effect. I can’t inagine that your product only increase girth though with no affect on length gains.

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