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Maybe this is going to work.

Maybe this is going to work.

Long post, sorry

By now most of you probably know that I’ve recently started hanging.

Well my story not so quick. I started PE in June 2003. I was skeptical that it could work but hey why not give it a try I figured. Well as I started and moved into being an intermediate my flaccid hang increased but I had to real erect gains.

After about 6-8 months with no gains I quit thinking that PE didn’t work. I was inactive for maybe another 6 months and I started reading the forums again and determined that I had not been consistent enough in my first foray into PE. So I decided to give it another shot. I worked hard doing jelqing,stretching, ulis, slammers, all kinds of manual exercises. Gains were minimal, but more than last time. But since they were so small I got discouraged and lost my consistency.

I would occasionally go through stretches of intense work and consistency and then other stretches of the opposite. Anyway, from 2004-2006 I ended up attaining .6 in length and maybe .1 in girth.

Since I had made these gains it became apparent to me that PE does indeed work. But I still wondered why gains were so difficult for me to come by. More surfing of the forums led me to realize that I was a hard gainer, a hardcore hard gainer.

Then in early 2007 I stumbled upon the famous aristocrane “gone from average to monster” thread. I read all through it and the prospects of clamping sounded enticing. So then I dove headlong into clamping. I was consistent to begin. Everyday. But I was noticing that I was not getting results. When clamped my dick was certainly pumped up, but I had read posts where guys dicks would pump up up to an inch while clamping. My dick would only pump up .15 of an inch while clamped, and that was with TWO clamps on. Naturally, by the end of 2007, lack of results and a loss of consistency meant I had made no gains, except for maybe .05 of length.

The kicker of all this is that all I want is girth. GIRTH. In my opinion length is overrated. No need to be over 7.5 inches. Don’t get offended anybody, just my opinion.

I quit again, figuring I am a rare guy that has a dick made of superhuman tissue that refused to be messed with. There are rare guys who we are all jealous of who are tremendously easy gainers. They pack on the inches. I’m the opposite all the way. Damn.

But I started doing more reading as usual always keeping my hopes alive. I came upon the TGC Theory a few months ago. As I read it there was sort of a eureka moment. Now assuming this theory to be somewhat sound, I fell perfectly into the category of my tunica being my limiting factor. My erections are rock hard. I could break bricks with it. And even before I read the theory, it always seemed that the inner part of my shaft was trying to “break out.” I figured the clamping would do it, but all it did was make my dick even harder, which the TGC theory said happens to guys in my category. So all that means I needed to be STRETCHING more than doing girth work.

Talk about a kick in the nuts. All this time spent doing mostly girth work and it’s the opposite of what I need to do. So I started stretching more a few months ago, something I really haven’t done in years. I knew I needed to do upward stretches to hit the tunica so I did. But lets not forget I’m a freakishly hard gainer. So I was getting no results.

Finally I turned to hanging. When I first started I had read about hanging but decided against trying it because it just seemed freaking dangerous as hell. I needed to do something drastic so a month ago I got a bib hanger. Figuring out the wrapping and all took a few days. I did nothing but straight down angle hanging. My flaccid hang increased a bit. But nothing spectacular happened.

By this time I had read all about the LOT theory and to my dismay my LOT is 6!. And basing on my limited amount of stretching throughout all of my PE, my LOT had to be no more than 6.5 to begin with. So I had just about no interior lig to work with.

Man, every physical condition seemed to be against me. Hard gainer, Tunica limiting factor, low LOT. 3 Strikes that almost had me out of PE for good.

One last ditch effort was to hang at a high angle. This took time to figure out. Now all through out my PE life I’ve tried it all in terms of variation. I’ve done long and short sessions. Hot and cold wraps. Low intensity and high intensity. Besides hanging I’d done it all except smash my dick with a hammer. Not once did I ever feel soreness. I don’t mean skin soreness. I’ve gotten the red spots and some irritation of the skin. But I never had soreness in the interior of my dick. NEVER. Like I said, I have super dick.

But after just my third time hanging with higher angles, something has happened to me that’s never happened before. I actually have inner soreness. I don’t feel it while my dick is at rest, but when I massage it, I feel the soreness inside. I’ve never been so happy to feel sore in my life. I know it’s really early as far as hanging goes, and of course have no visible erect gains after only 3 sessions, but maybe high angle hanging is the cure to my PE misery. So if anybody is a really hard gainer, with tunica limiting factor, and a low LOT, try high angle hanging. IF your a true newbie, jelq and manual stretch for a few months first. Then hang at high angles. It just might work.

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Could you please explain “high angles” of hanging a bit better? I am starting to think I have the same problem as you did. TIA

Imagine when you are stretching that you are pulling the penis straight out from the body or even up away from the floor. That is high angle.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of hanging—controlled, measurable force really appeals to me.

I myself have only been hanging about 5 weeks/ only been doing PE 2 months now.

—Example: Me—
You’ll probably notice FSL gains before erect gains. I’ve gained 1.25” FSL, but only .68” BPEL— my flaccid length has had similar growth comparable to my FSL, it’s growth about 1.25” to 1.5” (it’s hard to say exactly since flaccid length fluctuates).

—Perhaps Look for A More Easily Noticeable PI: FSL
My point—you’re a hard gainer, so you may be able to indicate your PI’s better/ see whats working by measuring your FSL—since that will grow a bit more easily than erect length… and hanging will definitely increase your FSL.

—Hanging Does Give Base Girth—
Something else about hanging—your base girth will likely increase. It’s not a hard & fast rule, but most hangers gain some base girth (although it varies widely). I’ve gained about .75” of base girth— I’m currently up to 6” at the base, and it makes a huge positive difference during sex. Anyway, hanging could get your started towards your girth goals in that sense….

I’m glad to hear you managed to finally get some fatigue. It sounds like hanging is the only answer you have found so far; I would like to hear how it goes :)

Thanks for the info. I will keep you posted.

How did the hanging work out for you ngt2000?

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