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Stretching and Girth Work After Effects

Stretching and Girth Work After Effects

I know that after girth and stretching workouts my unit gets a little more tense and shriveled. This is apparently normal according to what I know. But it seems like no matter how light or how hard I work out my unit it always takes almost a day or two to get back to normal. When I do jelqing it doesn’t seem to have this affect. It seems like when I work length my unit actually gets smaller, and when I work girth it get thinner. I have gained length and girth from jelqing but I just can’t figure out how to either correctly work both without the so called “turtle affect”. I’ve been jelqing for about a year now but because of this I usually stay away from squeezes or stretches. If anyone has any advice or experience the same problem please enlighten me.

Do you sleep enough and do you get enough vitamins in your system? Not enough of these things prohibit recovery.

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