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Manual Stretches.

Me again

Started pe’ing regulalry about 3 weeks ago with the newbie routine but actually trying to at least get some stretches in on my day off. I was doing very well and I felt the pull when stretching. I did not put too much pressure on the glans and I was just getting good execises. Now this week I take my hot bath to warm up, and I start to stretch and I am not getting that feeling that anything is being stretched. I start getting frustrated, squeeze and pull harder and I just put tremendous pressure on the glans. Also after the stretches I see the vein turn very skinny and bl;ack right under the glans, I know that cannot be good. I am very confused as to why all of a sudden I cannot get good stretches. I just gets me down because I thought I had finally gotten it right.

I need length more than anything.

Manual Stretches.

When stretching do you always have to feel a pull? If you don’t does that mean you are not getting a good stretch? Thanks

The “feel” of the stretch is not a sure guide to its efficacy. Don’t worry about it so much. Besides, the jelqing is probably the more important part of the newbie routine.

Black veins = bad. Take time off till it heals. Then start up again and focus on good jelqing. The stretches are mainly just an auxiliary to promote length gains.

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Marcus, I answered this question in your other thread you started today. You’re right that this is a better title for such a thread, though.

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Ok thanks, the veins don’t stay like that it’s just a result of me squeezing the grip too much. I just need to not to get to frustrated.

Ok sorry

Originally Posted by marcus
I just need to not to get to frustrated.

Yeah, it’s understandable at the beginning of PE. Rest assured that when you measure your first gains, after a couple months, it will be easier to stay motivated — you’ll know it works and you won’t be in such a rush to get the growing going.

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