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What are the manual stretches for the tunica?

What are the manual stretches for the tunica?

I’m curious as to what type of manual stretches are best for the tunica? A stretch? thanks.

I think “A” and “V” stretches as well as BTC (between the cheeks) are all great at targeting the tunica. Remember, the tunica is like the casing on a sausage, so it’s kind of hard to pull on the sausage without effecting the casing.

I am curious about this myself. From what I have read you want to pull your joint up towards the ceiling. Today I started to concentrate on the tunica stretching.

I grabbed my cock and pulled it straight out. Then I put a small plastic bottle at the base on top of the dorsal vein. Then I pulled my dick around the bottle with the head near my navel. I held this for 3mins. Then I switched hands for another 3mins.

When I got done I could really feel a loosening sensation on the bottom side base of my penis. It was a good feeling like I never had before. So I think I stretched the tunica. But would like to hear from the experts if this is correct and beneficial.

The tunica is thickest on the dorsal side. I think you’ll get better results by pulling over the top of the fulcrum than under the bottom.

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gprent, we must have been posting at the same time.

I thought the BTC strenghten the ligaments. I gave that one up in favor of the bottle stretch. Am I wrong?

What I am trying to achieve is getting my free standing erection to point at the 9 or 10 o’clock position. So should I be working on the tunical or the ligaments or both ?

I would say just about every stretch involves the tunica, but straight down and BTC also targets the ligaments as well. Stretching straight out or up, tends to take the ligs out of the equation.

As far as erection angle goes, I’m not sure what is best for that other then a rock hard erection, but for some, nothing is going to get that boner to point to the heavens.

A-stretches. Do a search for “DLD Blaster”. That is the most effective manual stretching routine I’ve done since I began PE - period.

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