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Maintained Gains

Maintained Gains

I’ve been on the forums for a while after a solid year of hanging and jelqing and clamping I gained 1 inch in length and a .25 in girth. For various reasons I had to stop for almost 2 years. I lost all my gains.. Has anyone permanently kept gains they got after quitting for a long period of time.

Edit: If some of you have maintained your gains after quitting for a while then that’s fantastic I’m just going over personal experience. This sep I’ve been around here for 5 years so I’m not a newbie trying to tell people gains can not be maintained thx for understanding my personal experience on the subject. .

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Yeah i’ve read a few posters that have, key is to go beyond your goal size so your goal size will be your “cemented” size

Start:7.5 BPEL X 5 MSEG

Goal: 7 MSEG

Heere We GOOooh!

Ouch! That’s sad. Anyway, that happened to me too so you’re not alone. I lost my half-inch gain a few months after I stopped. I don’t exactly feel bad since I only gained it after a month. You should have done some maintenance routine like light jelqing and stretching even just once a week. It might have kept your gains.

You mean to tell me that you gained 1 inch in length and .25 in girth and lost all that from a 2 year break. Wow.

I never understood that because when I was forced to take a deconditioning break at the end of 2008 I didn’t lose any gains.

The way I look at it is if you achieve plastic deformation of the tissues in your penis then gains should be perminant. When you plastically deform something it can no longer go back to it’s previous stretch length. It’s structure is perminantly distorted.

Losing a whole inch of length is crasy.

Hey Hugewang69. Not doubting you or anything but are you sure your EQ hasn’t gone down?

(Starting size) (NBPEL: 8 Inches), (BPEL: 8.5 Inches) (BPFSL: Didn't measure then), (Midshaft Girth: 5.2 Inches), (Base Girth: 5.5 Inches)
(Current size) (NBPEL: 9.3 Inches), (BPEL: 9.7 Inches), (BPFSL: 10.3 Inches), (Midshaft Girth: 5.8 Inches), (Base Girth: 6.35 Inches)
(Final Goal) To be the next Mandingo LOL.


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