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Are the gains people report after a workout or real gains after the pump is gone?

Are the gains people report after a workout or real gains after the pump is gone

This question basically is for everybody,but especially pumpers,they report tremendous gains,but is that right out of the tube or like 24 hours later,because right out of the tube is not real gains,probably just lymph fluid

But the same for manual pe’ers,because I know If I measured right after a workout it would be a lot larger size than a day later before a workout

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Though I measure often, my “official” measurements are always taken after several days off. Fluid bloat or temporary expansion doesn’t count.

Thats good and a true measuement, I started this post because I thought this is a important subject in PE that hasnt been addressed to my knowledge,I mean,The main focus of pe is the measurements right?

In my opinion official measurements should be taken more than 24 hours after last workout. More like 48.

2 days of are a good choice. My ‘offical’ measurement droped by 0.3mm. :)

I’d say 2 days without workout, possibly even 3 if you’ve taken it to war.

BreadUnit: 0.3 mm!!! What type of measuring device are you using to get that accuracy? Laser? Micrometer?
I am glad if I can distinguish mm differences.


wow I mean 3mm :)

On the data site it says to measure after 2 days of rest I believe. Since I never have 2 rest days in a row I just measure on my rest day or on a workout day before my routine.

Rookie Pumper Needs Advice


I’m a ‘rookie’ pumper and just like a neophyte, I’ve already made a few crucial mistakes.
I purchased two tubes. A 2” for penis pumping and a 2 3/4 for my entire package. The 2” works great but the 2 3/4 was a little big. I purchased a gel seal in attempt to
Fill the empty space and build the suction but it’s to no avail. I can’t seem to secure the seal.
Any suggestions?

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