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Newbie, Introduction

Newbie, Introduction


I found this site last nite……… after surfin surfin ya know…

I’m 38, caucasian, 5’8” 124lbs…. Illinois, USA

I’m pretty new to this, the ads have been poppin up this year, so I investigated… never bought anything (except some movies :D )

I have tried some ‘rotational stretches’ (pull the head and crank it one way about 15 times, then the other direction)

Also have ‘jelqed’, but it’s difficult to establish a schedule.

I do know, that when I did this a few times, the head got real big, and darker…

Here are my ‘other stats’

FL 3”
FG 4”
EL 5.5”
EG 5”

My thoughts now…. since I’m (returning) to weight training (the main body) - and that works, with only 2 days/week - I think that is what I’ll do here….

(although this isn’t muscle… but it still needs time to repair and grow - right?)

Variety - seems muscles get ‘used’ to a routine/stress - and stop responding - so the stress has to be varied - the same here I suppose?

Also - when I jelqed in the past (as I found out the 1st time - lube up!)… it always seems to end with a , um…. climax…. is that a no-no?

Well, I better quiet up…. and listen now… and see if I can gain some real understanding from you who have ‘been there, done that’.



Thanks ThunderSS….

Yep, already checked it out… am ‘fowfering’ at the present time…

Never did the weights, 7-ups V stretch looks interesting….

I’ll keep ‘working’ on it….




Welcome aboard, SLK. You’ll find a lot of interesting info here on this board, even though it’s still pretty new, that will aid you through the entire process and some really cool people here. We all here to help, so don’t shy away from asking questions.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

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