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Introduction and a couple questions..

Introduction and a couple questions..

Thunder if this is inappropriately posted here please transfer it and accept my apologies, it seems like it’d fit in either this forum or newbie forum.

That said…

A few weeks ago me and my girlfriend purchased our second sex toy, a jelly dong slightly bigger than my BPEL measurements of 6x4.75. I figured it to be about 8x6, but after buying a measuring tape (to get my own measurements), it turns out it was smaller at 7x5.5. This made me VERY optomistic as when we use it, we hit the end of her and leave about 3/4-1” out, meaning in order to normally have sex and to be more than adequate length wise I’d only need to gain about 1” and any more would be icing on the cake.

I want to gain girth as well though, our “dong” seems to be longer vertically (from bottom of shaft to top) than wider so it doesn’t feel as big as it looks. Another plus as I imagine as I begin to grow girth, if it grows normally I’d keep my rounder shape probably feeling bigger.

I’ve got a bit of a fantasy about having a nice sized cock, I’d like to have a nice flaccid one but in reality being a grower can be fun if you’re ever asked to prove it and you’re response is that it needs to grow to be shown appropriately :P Off that tangent however, it’s easy to see my interest in PE. My ultimate goal is NBPEL 8x6 like most of you but I’d be more than satisfied with BPEL 7x6 or even 5.5-5.75.

Now for technique. I’m hesitant to purchase a PJ device but it seems as though it’s pretty popular. Is it popular more for it’s ability to let your hands rest or it’s increased function over just using your hands? I ask because while my 6x/week workout routine (well balanced weight and cardio schedule to acheive desired bf% and mass) works wonders for my chest arms etc, my forearms get left out and jelquing could actually be a nice workout to help them get better toned.

I also saw a post by someoen earlier (can’t remember the thread or poster and have searched exhaustively for it) stating that what has worked for him was a smaller schedule of about 10 mins jelquing or something like 300 max jelqs and then letting it rest. He had a great routine I wanted to follow as it’s how I work out the rest of my body and have seen it work so far, does anyone remember that post? Heck even if it’s a couple threads that sound familiar I’d be willing to pan through em for that nugget of info :(

I tried stretching but it doesn’t feel right, I’m just not comfortable with the sensation and think I’ll stick solely to jelquing for now. That said, anyone mind giving some feedback on my routine? I want to start tomorrow and start the week right. I leave weekends out of it as I’m less disciplined on weekends:

5 mins soak in a cup of warm water (should I warm up my testicles AND penis or just the penis?)
10 min jelq
5 min soak in cup of warm water.

This 20 min routine is enough for me to do it and not get bored and also easy to fit into my schedule before going to the gym so that I can avoid wanting to cum (sometimes I masturbate solely because I’m bored, after workout I’m hungry and exhausted so it’s easy to force rest).

I’m really looking for that post from that one guy (terribly specific huh?) about “slowing down for better gains”. He had an authoritative stance on the subject and his opinionated response really got me thinking I could form a better routine if I set it along the lines of what he was saying - now just to find exactly what he was saying :D

Ok, enough of this novel, I’d really appreciate some feedback on the PJ device, I enjoy jelquing with my hands (have tried it on 2 occasions) especially since it works my forearms well, but if the PJ has more function than saving you from sore arms I may do well by picking it up.


Thanks, and will be posting a log and followup month to month in the results forum.


Lol, forgot to mention why I’m starting PE (other than the obvious reasons [ego]):

My gf laughed at the idea of PE, she said I was fine and even threatened that if I got any bigger blowjobs could not be given (unfortunately no blowjobs is not that far off from what I get already as she doesn’t love it like my last gf [sigh, miss her sometimes!]) and that I was fine the way I was.

This was about a month ago and today after dinner she asked me if I was still doing those exercises. I said no just because I couldn’t lock myself in the bathroom for 20-30 mins and not have her find out and say something. She had said that the other day playing with our toy in the shower, I had pushed it far back and tried a new movement, I kept it there and moved it around, she said hitting her cervix hurts, but it felt great when it was just at the end there and moving. This turned me on as I love hearing her talk about loving that feeling (since I know I’m not too far off from it), and I asked her if she’d give me time to do the exercises and she said sure.

This is great because now I get the freedom to work em and I told her it could take a year to see anything at all and I think she was just happy that I’d try it I guess. She prefers me over the toy, but that night I could see how much she enjoyed a little more girth and a tad more length. An inch on L&G and I’d be right there and slightly above, something that really excites me since the toy already looks very big and to know that “yeah, I’m that big too” is just a wonderful thing to be able to say.

That said, look forward to your responses about the aformentioned mystery post and PJ device.



Hey Nigret,
This is probably the post you were looking for:

Different approach to PE and its workouts; READ THIS!!

Be aware that Thermo got gains from this routine and that it may not work for you. To give it a chance to work for you, concentrate on the intensity of the workout. START SLOWLY though, do not jump right into it and beat the fuck out of your dick. Add intensity slowly over a couple of weeks. Also be aware that Thermo was on steroids at the time he made his gains, whether that helped him or not, I don’t know.

You can just warm up your cock, not really a good idea to heat up your balls if you ever plan on having children. Careful with the water temperature, you are not cooking your cock, you simply want to warm it up.

The PowerJelq device is a matter of personal preference, some like using it and others like using their own hands. Don’t base your decision on working your forearms, you are doing this to work on your dick, not your forearms. Work your forearms at another time, spend the PE time on PE. If it helps your forearms fine, but don’t turn it in to a forearm workout. Good luck and keep us posted !!

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I’ve had my PJ device for about a week now - there’s no doubt it provides more pressure and lessens the strain on hands and arms - but for ME, it’s only PART of the jelq workout, and not complete enough as an exercise all on its own - so, I combine both hand AND PJ exercising, been trying 2 sessions a day, one a full and vigorous 30 minutes mostly with the PJ, then again later in the afternoon purely hand jelq. I consider my girth rate gains to be quite satisfactory at this point, and I try to focus on S-L-O-W powerul jelqs whether by hand or PJ, and LOTS of strong squeezes along the shaft, but trying to focus on the glans area, since that is still a bit smaller that the rest of my penis.

By the way, tho’ not covered anywhere I’ve seen, *I* apply the PJ device both horizontally, vertically and in between, rather that a single plane, in order to work out the penis around the full circumference - you will definitely feel a big difference as you change PJ positioning!

I’m NOT too impressed or happy with LENGTH gains using jelqing alone, and am afraid I will need to try some form of stretching/hanging to see the results I want - I hate to add more time to daily workouts, and it seems there are definite risks attached to hanging if much intensity is to be applied - and I’m afraid that’s what MY case is likely to require…


Awesome, thanks Thunder.

What sucks is that I didn’t see the “quote thermo:” and figured it was Uncut4Big that was saying that :(

Oh well perhaps I’ll just use the 10 mins to get used to the jelq motion and and increase intensity based on how it feels.

I didn’t mean to say i wanted a forearm workout, I was just curious if the PJ added strong more appropriate pressure or was simply used to save you from sore forearms, it seems it does the former so I may end up picking one up soon.

Any ideas on a routine? I work out a muscle group once every other day (giving a single muscle group 3-4 days rest before re-tearing) so I have an “off-day” dedicated to cardio every other day. Any ideas or recommendations on “off-days” for jelquing? It’s a foreign feeling so I’m hesitant to just use my body as a sign as I’m used to being a little beat up sometimes from working out and really want to go easy on ol tool.

Thanks again for the post, I’m starting tonight, but would appreciate any feedback on taking off days. I see a lot of 5 days directly and weekends off, that’s my plan for now :)

Thanks guys!


Nigret, I didn’t think stretching felt right either when I first started. In fact it made my skin crawl, but I REALLY REALLY wanted a bigger dong, so I was willing to go way outside my “comfort zone”. Meaning I didn’t like it, but did it anyway. I also finally worked up the nerve to hang weights as well. This took three or four months though. You’ll get used to the stretching pulling feeling, in fact you’ll come to miss it after you stop for a few days. Take a look at my pics in the pics section. No before pics, but take my word for it I gained an inch. The one inch gain is old news as I’ve been doing this for some time now. I’ve just recently REstarted PEing and I can feel the gains coming already. No routine, but I’m hanging about five days a week and jelqing/squeezing two days a week. I take weeknds off. You’ve gotta pull it man. Jelqing ain’t gonna get it. Good luck fellow PEer.


Today I will take negative thoughts and turn them into positive and productive actions. 7.00 BP x 4.75 GOAL 9.0 x 6.5

Hey Nigret,

Start with the 5 on/2 off and if it gets to be too much, swithch to a 2on/1off. Starting off with a ten minute workout, not counting warmups, you should be OK with the 5/2. Just remember to gradually increase the intensity and you will be fine. Keep us posted on how you are doing and any observations that you want to make about your routine.

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