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Hanging causing balls to hang lower?

Hanging causing balls to hang lower?

Does anyone know if hanging causing your balls to hang lower? I’ve been hanging for nearly a month now and without a doubt my boys are hanging lower. The only other things I do is light jelqing between hanging sets to restore circulation and some kegels. All responses are welcomed.


Yes, dropped my entire package.


I’m still learning how to hang but I noticed if I clamp down too close to the base, my sack gets an unecessary workout. For me there’s a fine line where to clamp Bib’s Nobel Prizeworthy device. Anyway what’s wrong with low hangin’ balls?


I’m curious, I’m new to hanging and in my experimenting with different way’s of hanging, I’ve never had this happen, the only thing I’ve seen is that ball hanger from Dr. Kaplan or whatever his name is. What is your routine Wannabe8x6? Nick7, As for what is wrong with low hanging balls nothing that I know of except accidentally sitting on one which is not to pleasant. OUCH !!!!


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I tend to agree with you guys and I think hanging may stretch the scrotum as well. I’ve always been fairly compact in that area but I have noticed that after hanging for a few months things did seem to drop a bit. Scrotum skin stretches fairly easily so I can’t see any reason why this couldn’t happen. Look out low hangers, here I come! :chuckle: Talk about a pleasant side effect! :)

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Hey Lil, It’s pleasant to have low hangers but for me, when I put on my bibhanger I have to be really careful because my scrotum skin gets caught in the hinge sometimes and you talk about pain!!! OUUUUUCH!!!! But don’t let me scare you away from having the low hangers, this is just my problem I’m ranting about :) .


Thanks for your response guys. There’s just something about having twins that rival horse balls that commands RESPECT!! Know what I mean?

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