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Bigger hanging balls - how to

Bigger hanging balls - how to

Hi all,
Today my ball sac was fuller and they hanged down pretty good, usually my ball sac is tight but today it was hanging low and looking full, I guess it could be because of the higher temperature but what are the other issues affecting ball sac size and hang and how to get balls to hang lower and fuller?



Bigger sac

You’ll find that temperature has everything to do with how your sac looks. The body wants to protect the testes and keep them in a specific temperature range. If it’s cold, the pull into the body to stay warm. Conversely, if it’s hot, the lower to stay cool. You should notice that after a hot shower, they hang pretty low. Walk out into the snow and they’re gone.

Of course pumping can stretch your sac and make it more flexible. So stay hot, pump, and pull ‘em down once in awhile.

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