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Scrotum hanging lower and lower

Scrotum hanging lower and lower

Ive noticed over the months of doing PE that my scrotum and thus the testicles hang lower and lower the more I do PE. I have three questions regarding this:

1) is this bad (in terms of health, ejaculation problems, sterility problems, etc.)

2) what can I do to stop them from hanging even lower

3) why is PE causing my testicles to hang lower? Are others experiencing this? i.e. Is this normal?

This is becoming a problem because it’s getting to the point where it’s uncomfortable. I sometimes squash them when sitting down, or squeeze them accidentally when my thighs are together. Im worried I could be causing damage to my testicles, not as a result of them hanging low, but from sitting on them and hurting them accidentaly.

Any suggestions? Is there anything I can do or am I just stuck. I tried doing a search for this but all I could find were threads about people trying to get their scrotums to hang lower.


I wish I had your problem.

Try dipping your scrotum in ice water :D


Observe... learn from other people's mistakes.

I’ll trade scrotums with you man… :)

Seriously, I don’t think anyone’s ever asked that before.


Well is this normal? Should I be worried?

It seems like the longer my flaccid length gets, the lower my testicles hang. It stays pretty regular actually. If I gain flaccid length, I also gain scrotum hang. It can’t possibly be a coincedince. Is this normal though?

Does it hurt? Chances are, that the skin around the nuts was a little tight, and by stretching the skin it caused the sack to naturally sit lower. I have noticed that my scrotum has gotten a bit looser, though they hung pretty well anyway.

I doubt there is any problem, unless it’s kinda obvious (debilitating pain, people are tripping over them… et cetera)

I notcie my sack also hangs lower, but aesthetically I think that’s quite alright as long as the flaccid hangs lower, if just by a little bit. I would not like it the other way around, which occured once after serious overtraining; it looked wrong IMO, I would even say repelling.

I don’t know about medical concerns of low sacks, but If you for some reason really want your sack higher after your PE career, there’s always the option to lift it surgically.

I sometimes wish that my balls weren’t quite such low hangers. My penis is coming along quite nicely, and I want that to keep going. Fortunately, it seems that my scrotum isn’t really increasing in size with it. Unfortunately, when it’s not cold, my balls hang a little lower than the end of my wang.

But I don’t know why all you guys want these low balls. The dick thing, I understand, but we’re not using our scrotum for sexual penetration. When my nuts aren’t cold, they hang about 6 or a little more inches (if I remember correctly from when I measured them). I think that they could look somewhat better a little higher up. It’s also a comfort thing - enough times when I’m walking, they’ll pop out of my boxer briefs and stick to one of my thighs. Lol. It’s not comfortable, going along, part of your package stuck between fabric and your leg. At night, they hang down slightly beyond my asshole (sorry for the graphic description)! Sometimes I have to drape them over my leg or above my dick for relief, or so I don’t lie on them.

Gret big dick? Sure, please. I’m not asking for my balls to totally hug my body all the time, infact they bunch up nice enough when they’re chilly, but maybe an inch or two less nut hang could be nice. But not if it means an inch or two less dick.

Tell me, for guys who start out pre-PE with larger than average size dicks (ie say 7.4 inches BPEL or whatever), do you have the correspondingly lower hanging nuts to go with them? Or are my balls just low?

I’ve actually considered the idea of sometime getting them surgically lifted. Anyone here know anything about that, cost, risk, or even personal experience?

Started out BPEL 7.75”, high balls. I suppose the whole unit will keep falling as the ligs get stretched out. When jelqing I make an effort not to tug excessive sack skin. Me neither understands the obssesion with very low hanging balls, but I like them hanging and not bunched up with the shaft.

Sorry I don’t know about the surgical procedure or cost estimates. I can understand such low hangers can literally get in the way. Personally, if I’m ever to become concerned with my sack, I wouldn’t hesitate consulting a surge about cost, risks, et.c.

Thanks for the comment, Ideal. Yeah, I’ve heard stuff along the lines of if your dick starts out longer than average, then hey, why not the scrotum too? Yeah I agree, I don’t need them hugging the shaft, but sometimes having them a bit higher would be more comfy most of the time. For sure I’d check with a surgeon among others before making any decisions, I just wanted opinions from others.

Yo quiero cojones mas grande! You lucky bastard..

If your saying my balls are very large, well they’re not small, but I don’t think I have abnormally big, egg sized testicles. Heh. Maybe if I did they’d go with this extra scrotal skin I’ve got.

Hey At PE forums, there is a bunch of stuff about ball enhancement by Supra

I’ve always had loads of extra skin, which means masses of foreskin and low hanging balls. I used to have the problem of testicles dropping out of my boxers, getting caught and twisted between my leg and my jeans, that used to hurt. I got round the problem but wearing snugger underwear. I don’t know what they are called in the states, but they are basically elasticated boxers. So the comfort of boxers with the control of briefs!

I remember the first time my testicles/boxers combination became a problem. I was about 13 in PE (physical education) class and sat on the floor. I noticed a group of girls pointing and laughing at me and as I looked down I noticed that one of the little fellows had popped out and was hanging out of my shorts. I switched to briefs for PE classes after that.


^^Yeah, I know in your post PE equals phys. ed., but the term “PE class” makes me giggle now. Shitty about your balls hanging out man. Yes, I wear boxer-briefs now, like 75 percent cotton or something with some elasticity, I guess that’s what you meant, they do help in supporting the nuts, but I still get them popping out occasionally. Ah well, one day maybe I’ll get them raised. Till then…

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