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Low LOT: Inverted V stretch vs pulling straight up?

Low LOT: Inverted V stretch vs pulling straight up?

Which one is more effective in stretching the tunica: inverted-V stretch or pulling straight up toward the belly button? Is there any more intense exercise to really stretch the tunica?

I do this thing where I put my hand and bend the penis up and around it pulling toward the chest. Put ur hand at the base and make a low tension fist. Then pull ur penis over and accross it and tug toward the chest I find it works great, it’s my own kinda excercise I guess.

I do both. I think the inverted V hits the shaft itself more and maybe some ligs in the process, but stretching or hanging upward focuses more on the “roots” where the CC’s split off into the separate crura.

My mid shaft is getting very skinny. I’m wondering if the inverted V stretch has anything to do with it.

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Your, not ur please. Thanks.

You mean Guardian?

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