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LOT weirdness

LOT weirdness

Ok. Here we go. I’ve talked with a few people in the chat already but I’m putting it out there.

When I do my LOT, I get tugback in all positions from 12 to 6. I’ve checked and checked again. I’ve read and re-read the threads. I was sure I must be doing it wrong, because I didn’t hear of anyone else who had the same results as me. First, let me describe my method, to insure I am doing it correctly.

1) I am intact, so I pull back the foreskin.
2) I grasp the glans, firmly, and stretch out.(I am completely flaccid)
3) The stretch is just enough stretch, just shy of the point I need to increase my grip. It’s when I start to feel the stretch at the base.
4) I kegel, starting at the 12 position.
5) Move down 11,10 and so forth. Kegeling all the way
6) I tug back in ALL positions.

I started Hanging and jelqing 3 1/2 weeks ago. Tonight, I did a little test. After my hanging session, I tested my LOT. It came out at ~9. That is, I lost tug at 9 o’clock. After a few minutes, it had “moved down” to ~7. After about 12 minutes, I had returned to the tugback in all positions state.

Let me say, that I wasn’t too surprised my ligs seem tight. My lower body has extremely tight and un-limber ligs. Especially in my legs. If I don’t do lower body stretches frequently, my legs are always very “tight”. If I get a 100% erection, my erection angle is very high. How high you say? My glans presses firmly into my stomach. My wife used to pull it out to about 10’, and let go. It would smack into my stomach with a resounding “SMACK!”. With a 100% erection, it is painful to bend out my cock to the 9’ position. It starts getting uncomfortable at around 10. I am hanging 3-4 sets of 7.5 lbs, for 12-15 minutes. And some jelqing and uli’s afterwords.


Are you sure you are ‘seeing’ the tugback, and not just ‘feeling’ it. What you are looking for is the point where the ligs take the stress of the stretch away from the tunica. If you are kegaling and you actually see the head retract at 6:00, then your LOT is very low. You should work the upper angles.

It appears that erection angle has little to nothing to do with LOT.



How do you hang? Straight down (SD), straight out (SO), over the shoulder (OTS)?
I am also uncut, so when I measure my LOT I do it by feel, rather than sight. I can feel when I have loss of tugback, but can not always see it.

Do you thing is it possible that if one has a very low LOT and hangs the higher angles, that his LOT could increase so much temporarily. I know that there is a theory that over time the LOT will increase (hobby I think?).


Yes. If/when you work the upper angles, you will work the entire tunica, including the inner tunica. As the inner tunica is stretched, pulled out, your LOT will rise. I really do not think this is theory, but common sense. And yes, hobby first realized this factor.


Well, I see some clear and definate movement, 12 to ~8. Some slight movement from 8 downward. However, as in my post above, the actual loss of tug after hanging is much more pronounced than before…. It completely stops, quite suddenly. Hardly even a swell at the base.

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