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Losing strength of PC muscle after doing low-rise stretch

Losing strength of PC muscle after doing low-rise stretch

I’ve been doing PE for about 10weeks now.

I’ve read through Bibby’s LOT theory, and found out my LOT was at 9-8 o clock. And following the recommendation, I started doing low-rise stretches for about a week now.

Since I started doing that, I noticed that I don’t feel very strong ‘push’ from my PC muscle when I kegal.. I used to be able to feel strong movement of my PC muscle, but now it’s barely moving and I am certain that I lost some power there.

I just broke up w/ my gf so I haven’t had sex for couple weeks, so I can’t really test if my PC muscle is working like it used to or not.. But if anyone have experienced similar tails, plz post, and if you have answers if this is normal, plz post as well

Thanks :O

From 4x4 1/30/06 to ?x? !

Hi askme1,

Welcome to the forum. Please take a look at the forum guidelines regarding language (just need to avoid chat speak like ‘plz’). Thanks!

Regarding your question, it is impossible to say. However, as you lower your LOT (by stretching downwards), you will need to be stretched out and pointing to a higher angle than before to feel the same pull. If you are experiencing something more like an overall weakness then it might be a good idea to scale things back to see whether it returns to normal.

Also, I don’t think Bib would like to be called ‘Bibby’. ;)

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