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Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Careful that you don’t get fucked here LBH.

How do you mean?

Am I not allowed to bust my cherry on this thread?

How’s this for a theory?

Maybe virgins don’t post because they see how many others that do - get ignored.

I’m only speaking from experience, of course.

Originally Posted by rap
Hi folks!
I never posted before for two reasons:

1) Always worried about some clever git finding out who I am and being mischievous.
2) All the answers seemed to be there if you can search and follow threads.

Now I don’t care about (1) and I have a question that I can’t find the answer to (so (2) has gone as well).about lig popping.

I am doing a bit of strong flaccid stretching when it’s out for a piss. Normally, all it does is stretch a bit, which is not too surprising.

I am assuming that what I am sometimes experiencing is a lig pop, the sensation is within/near the base of the penis and is literally a pop, with a little length gained as a result. Sometimes, it feels more like a gentle “tearing”, the latter seeming to involve more tissues than just the single lig pop. Neither sensation is remotely unpleasant or painful, and the following is what puzzles me.

I only seem to get it after I have managed to clamp for a few days in a row (which is not that often).

If I haven’t clamped for a while, there is no pop or “tear”.

The stretch is the same force both times, but the pop/tear is only after clamping for a few days. No bruising, no pain, no dysfunction.

Any “clever dicks” out there with a mechanism for this?

Just for background, I have doing PE on and off for years, initially wasting my time with pumps. Cutting a long story short, I didn’t take it at seriously until I discovered this forum and you guys - visible results and real people! Started with just over 6 BPEL by 4.75 (it is a long time ago, so I really can’t remember exactly, but girth was definitely less than 5).

Now at just over 7 BPEL by 5.5 with stiffer woods and real veins. Got there with jelqing initially, and lately just clamping when I can. Nothing fancy and nothing dedicated (I am lazy in all things) but the girth makes one Hell of a difference, I can tell you.

Anyway, thanks to Thunder, and the main are truly appreciated by all us lurkers, you really are. If the other 30,000 start posting, you’ll melt down the WWW, so maybe this is the right way for it to be, eh?

No posting until the motivation is there, and I really would like to know why my ligs pop only when I have been clamping (and stretching at different times of the day) as opposed to just stretching.

Thanks again, for a life-changing forum?

Good first post rap. I wouldn’t worry about the pops. Sometimes you can pop your knuckles and sometimes you can’t. Your fingers are still the same length regardless. :)

Thanks for the thanks and welcome to the posting side of the forum.

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Mr T,

But I was always told that popping my knuckles would lead to arthritic fingers.I don’t want an arthritic dick<g>.

Okay, hi everyone, this is my first post! Started last week with the newbie routine and have experienced stronger erections from day 1. Don’t know if my dick will grow, but I sure enjoy that healthy rock-hard feeling.

Well.ok hi! I’m 18 and interested in getting a bigger dick to make myself feel alittle more confident.and pleasing the girlfriend alittle more of course

Hey, been around a couple weeks. Just hoping to make some gains in Girth and Length, as I am below average. Thanks :)

Hey now. Saying hi to my PE Family.

"To be or not to be?"


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