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Hello everyone..

Like most of the posters here I’m probably quite new here.. Though I discovered it 2 years ago - I was 16 at the time.. Always wondered if maybe there was something wrong with me because I was 5 inches erect(Not BPEL or whatever it was). Never really managed to stay consistent because I never saw results and I was impatient, not to mention there was nothing quite as nice as this to show that it does work.

So now I’m 18.. And found this forum.. So.. Hello. I have lots of questions naturally so I’ll get around to that.


Hello guys and gals.Been lurking for a few months thought I would go ahead and say hello.The reason I seaked out this site, is age has seemed to have affected my e.q. So I’m looking at naturals ways of correcting this.So far regular kegels have helped alot.Just built a power jelqer last night ill give it a shot and see what happens.

Hello everyone!

I’ve been reading the resources here and doing the PE exercises for probably close to a month now, and just decided to join today. I’m popping the cherry with this post :)


Hi, I enjoy lurking.

Would be interesting to know how many members have tried PEing and what the gains
Of everyone are.

Then a graph could be made to see the average gains during the history of each member.

NEw poSTER! Thanks

I’m new here and posting to boost the post count and say hello. Spend most of my time here reading and learning, kind of hard to add posts this early in training.

Hello, thanks for the encouragement.

New member, yes! Started PEing in December 2007.

First timer here, been a lurker for a while now, and just decided to join.

Hey hey hey :)

I’ve just joined too.

Just want to say the amount of information available here is incredible. You can be reading one thread and before you know it you’ll have 5 more open, it’s crazy! (But in a good way).

Hello everyone! This is a great site and I have learned plenty with the help from others. Happy gaining!

Hello everyone!!

I´ve been lurking here a long time just reading all info about PE. I have been doing jelging and stretching about 1 year.

My stats are from 7” to 8” bpel and little girth.


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