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Hi all,

I’m currently 5.5” BPEL by 5” EG, lets hope not for long!

So I’ve registered here couple of months ago, and finally I decided to get into it seriously.. I will grow big!

Well this is my 3rd post, But I will still say hey,

I want to develop a good relation with the people of Thunder’s.

Peace to everyone, And may you Dicks grow!

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I’ve been a member here for quite some time, don’t think I’ve ever posted anything before.

19 years old and I’m about 6.9 BPEL and 4.9 EG, I think, long time ago I measured myself (I will measure myself again in about 1 week) but not long time ago I started PE again, and this time more serious than before.
I’m going to try to follow the newbie routine (slightly altered) for 2 months or so and then continue to the more advanced exercises.

My English is not certainly not perfect (I’m Swedish) but I hope it’s good enough for people to understand :P

Hi everybody,

I’ve posted a few times, but never made a formal “hello”. So, greetings and thanks for having this forum!

• Started Feb 2002: BPEL - 5.5" x EG-4.5"•

• Clamped 12/1/06 - 3/8/07 (put on hold while I try hanging) - NBPEL - 7.0"/BPEL - 7.25" x EG - 5.00" base x 4.50"mid • Just started hanging with Capt's Wench 3/8/07!

• Current: NBPEL - 7.0"/BPEL - 7.25" x EG - 5.25" base x 5.00"mid • Goal: BPEL 8" x EG 6.0" base •

OK, here goes.

First of all: I am not Lilli.

I have been reading here about a month, daily. Main reason I did not introduce myself yet is that I already have a lot on my mind but I hate long postings, especially from newbies.

But one aspect of my journey into PE could be helpful to other guys with a similar background. I am 49 years old, married for 15 years ( to the same woman, love of my life, no end in sight ), got children. I was absolutely positive that I had to tell her from day one that I am about to stretch my willie every day for the years to come and that I will be missing some of our favorite TV shows in the future.

How do you pop such a ridiculous plan?

I knew when to confess, I was so nervous I rather wanted to visit the lavatory. You know how you put that in plain English. But I just did it:

“Darling, I’ve measured my willie yesterday. Guess I have not done it for 25 years. This damn thing is shrinking. A couple of more years and I am your sister. I do not have an idea if it is possible, but at least would like seriously trying to do something about it.”

The good thing about this move: I told the plain truth.

She was amused. “Hey, we are getting older, what did you expect?” I confirmed my plan. I told her that the only success stories come from natural PE, that it takes years, and that I need at least 6 month to find out.

Ever since she is very positive about it. She told me that she likes me taking care of my body.

I cut it here, post already too long.

So hello to everybody and thanks Thunder for building this outstanding community.

Welcome to all you new guys. Good luck and I hope you enjoy the forum. It is interesting to go back through this thread and see how many guys go on to be frequent posters and how many never really get into posting.


lillieswillie, I appreciate your story because I have been PE’ing for a long time now but never told my wife. I am thinking about buying a vac extender and I know it would be much better if I didn’t have to keep it a secret. I am thinking about the best way to bring it up. I was thinking about something like “I saw this device on the internet that’s supposed to stretch your dick and make it longer, ha ha” and see what she says.

Monoceros, you must be some sort of engineer or graphic designer. Nice drawings! Anyway, your design might be worthy of a new thread in the hanger forum for further discussion!

Horny Bastard

Hi folks!
I never posted before for two reasons:

1) Always worried about some clever git finding out who I am and being mischievous.
2) All the answers seemed to be there if you can search and follow threads.

Now I don’t care about (1) and I have a question that I can’t find the answer to (so (2) has gone as well).about lig popping.

I am doing a bit of strong flaccid stretching when it’s out for a piss. Normally, all it does is stretch a bit, which is not too surprising.<g>

I am assuming that what I am sometimes experiencing is a lig pop, the sensation is within/near the base of the penis and is literally a pop, with a little length gained as a result. Sometimes, it feels more like a gentle “tearing”, the latter seeming to involve more tissues than just the single lig pop. Neither sensation is remotely unpleasant or painful, and the following is what puzzles me.

I only seem to get it after I have managed to clamp for a few days in a row (which is not that often).

If I haven’t clamped for a while, there is no pop or “tear”.

The stretch is the same force both times, but the pop/tear is only after clamping for a few days. No bruising, no pain, no dysfunction.

Any “clever dicks” out there with a mechanism for this?

Just for background, I have doing PE on and off for years, initially wasting my time with pumps. Cutting a long story short, I didn’t take it at seriously until I discovered this forum and you guys - visible results and real people! Started with just over 6 BPEL by 4.75 (it is a long time ago, so I really can’t remember exactly, but girth was definitely less than 5).

Now at just over 7 BPEL by 5.5 with stiffer woods and real veins. Got there with jelqing initially, and lately just clamping when I can. Nothing fancy and nothing dedicated (I am lazy in all things) but the girth makes one Hell of a difference, I can tell you.

Anyway, thanks to Thunder, and the main are truly appreciated by all us lurkers, you really are. If the other 30,000 start posting, you’ll melt down the WWW, so maybe this is the right way for it to be, eh?

No posting until the motivation is there, and I really would like to know why my ligs pop only when I have been clamping (and stretching at different times of the day) as opposed to just stretching.

Thanks again, for a life-changing forum?

Originally Posted by mravg
Lillieswillie, I appreciate your story because I have been PE’ing for a long time now but never told my wife. I am thinking about buying a vac extender and I know it would be much better if I didn’t have to keep it a secret. I am thinking about the best way to bring it up. I was thinking about something like “I saw this device on the internet that’s supposed to stretch your dick and make it longer, ha ha” and see what she says.


Thank you for your comments. One thing I left out is, I also told her that a vanishing member is nothing she deserves.

I guess, if you decided to tell your wife, GF, etc., it is important to be serious. Make your point, do not ask for permission. Don’t let sound as a joke, you are about to attack the final frontier of male body enhancement.

We read wonderful stories here from others that involved / informed their partners. Most women know exactly what you are talking about. Better than most boys, I am afraid. They definitely care more about their body, private parts, than the usual middle class husband. And - most important - be honest with the one you love.


EDIT: Sorry, did not realize that you most probably need no clever advice from a 6 weeks PE’er.
Thanks again.

Hey everyone !
Well, this isn’t exactly my first post , it’s my fifth but I would have posted here first if I found the topic. I only recently joined the forum, approximately 1 month ago. I’ve been looking at the forum as a guest for maybe, the past 2 or 3 months? Seems like an interesting place, it’s got really good resources and information.

Currently (12/11/06) BPEL 5” x EG unknown (no tape measure)
Goal: BPEL 9.5” x current EG + .75”
Realistic goal: BPEL 7”

Most of all, I reckon the people here overall are cool :up:
Special thanks to ThunderSS, senior members and moderators for the help you’ve given everyone here.
This forum is probably one of the best ones I’ve registered to compared to the other 2 or 3 I use to use.

You don’t need a tape measure to know your girth. Wrap a string or strip of paper, mark it, and then measure it with a ruler.

Horny Bastard

Hey guys~ Great fourm this is my first few days of joining and I been reading here for about a week. And I think I’ve been growing without PE. So doing PE and a newbie routine no doubt I would see some improvements. It’s no big deal if I don’t cause I got some confidence. But secretly it would be nicer to have a bigger man junk.

Hello everyone!

I found this forum in September and have been doing PE for a little over 3 months now. I am very happy that I can across the site, it seems that there are a lot of good people here willing to help others through the process of PE. So far I can not complain about my gains (.5 inches in EL), but of course want to continue to gain. I am now a senior in high school and hope to have an 8x5.5 NBPEL by the time I go to college, ha ha. I wish the best of luck to everyone in their journey to becoming the owner of a large and powerful unit.



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