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Lose your Thundersplace posting virginity here!

Well said.

First post

Hi everybody, it’s my first post!

Hello everyone, I’ve lurked sometimes over the past few years but never really practiced any PE exercise yet; however, after some bad experiences with erections, I will start upgrading my performance right now! Thanks everyone for the great community you’ve assembled, and I hope that someday I will be able to help it with my experience.

Say Hello to my Little Friend

Good morning, I’m going to start my penis journey today. I’m going to Super Saiyan my penis. And then ascend beyond the Super Saiyan.

Anyways I wish everybody good Growth and much Luck,



Just started PE with a pump great site lots of information


Just chiming in to lose my virginity! Visit infrequently but haven’t posted because there’s so much great information here that I always find what I’m looking for.. And after digging around, I find that I don’t have a lot I can contribute at this point that hasn’t already been covered. As I continue my PE routine, I hope to be able to share more :)

Hi all new to site, just started PE properly last 4 days site has lots of good info

I’m here because I want to suck my own dick. I’m working on the flexibility, and I figured I might as well use jelqing for length because it’s free.

New member here. Started 2 weeks ago with newbie routine and enjoying it. Going for 8x6, feel that I would wear it well.

New member doing the newbie routine. Looking for 1” gain in length and girth.

Wow! Welcome all of you. Good luck with your gains.

" It is always easier to fight for one's principles than live up to them ". ..Adler.

Shit, I just blew my first post in another thread. Goal: until my wife asks me to stop. Been going at this since early January (2013) and I’m loving her encouragement (“he looks beautiful,” “it feels bigger and fuller”) and my new sense of sex-power.

I was telling/teasing my wife that I would by her butt implants (I’m a booty junky!) and she asked me why I don’t get a penis enlargement as retaliation. Then we had a frank talk because I did some jelqing a few years ago and saw an opportunity to get back into the groove. So she admitted that I could be a little longer (running around NBPEL 4.9” at the time; closer to 5.25” now), though she likes my girth (MSEG about 5” at the time, around 5.25” now [I’m symmetric!]). So I began looking into surgery [my frame was to begin extreme and then end up with a more reasonable approach to maximize the probability of positive support] and noticed that traction methods are employed after surgery, and that traction alone gets better results according to the most famous study (not that it would be considered a great study in the broader scientific community), I jumped in with both balls. Now we make jokes about my “dick in a box” when I’m strapped into the ADS.

Well not exactly my first post but I will post something in this thread anyway :)

I only have been a member of this forum for a short time and since then I have been posting bi-daily. I have just got the necessary tools and parts from the store to build myself a CCH3. I wasn’t able to get all the right parts but I think I did make some viable changes to it’s original design. So that’s me then.ehm.yeah that was it :D

Not ashamed, at age 23 I’ve just started my hanging years over here and there is much more to be learned by reading rather than speaking in my case. Currently 6.2 length and 5.3 girth. Is there any evidence for supplements attributing to growth?

Oh, I am 6’ 4” tall so I decided I wanted a larger penis to match my body size, I’ve purchased a bib starter towards that end. Cheers everybody!


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