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Originally Posted by demandred69
What’s up everybody, I have been researching PE for awhile and am very new to it. I plan to start tomorrow and have already set my goals. This seems like a friendly and helpful forum.

Welcome and good luck!

|||||Start: 14cm NBPEL|||||Now: 17,5cm NBPEL|||||Goal: 20cm NBPEL||||

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Good morning TP community. I tried PE like 4 years ago. Just did it for 2 months then stopped.
Now, I came back and will not stop. I am adding this routine to my lifestyle.
I am in my second week. Doing a newbie routine.

Any suggestions will be appreciated. Excited to be part of this community!


Are there any tutorial videos on jelqing,stretching,newbie routines on this site.

Sorry about posting twice messed up

I’ve been reading and contemplating getting started on the newbie routine. But, I have to figure out how and when to fit it in to my already full schedule.

Break it, do jelqs at morning and stretches in the evening (or the adverse). Welcome on TP.

Hello everyone ,joined yesterday and here is my first post saying, Hello . Hope to get all info I need here ,just wanted to know though ,if I am able to download videos now that I have registered and posted .

Yes, rockraj you should be able to. Please see post #2675 of this thread for the link

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A new one-eyed vision

Hi all. I’m from Romania and I have some history with PE. I started pumping with some friends of mine back in 2002 and by 2003 I increased from 14 (5.5’) during erection to 18 (about 7’) so it was a 4 cm(1.57’) gain. I can’t tell you anything about the girth because I didn’t measure it at the time. To enhance my results I used various herbs, that have vessel dilator effects. From that peak moment on I gradually lost 2 cm (0.78’).by not using the pump any longer. Now I intend to start pumping again because I am in need (you know why). My first pump was homemade, of glass 7 cm (2.75’) in diameter and 24 cm (9.44 inch) in lenght with a bike pump attatched to it an antique by now.

My plan now is to start a regular PE workout, measurings and note my observations in a log. The device I am now using is a Bathmate Hydromax 30, a great tool. Wish me luck as I do to all of you! I am willing to share all my experiences with you, ups and downs, tips, including the diet I noticed helped much with enlargement, erection, potency.

Hi Guys

Excited to be here.

Start -1-30-2013*******-7.45"x5.875"


Final goal- ***********-9.00"x7.00"

Welcome to the forum.

Kudos for getting PE stats in so quickly.

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Hi, newbie here! I’ve always felt pretty small I’m about 5.9 erect BPEL and 4 in circumference, more than anything I’ve always felt that my width was really lacking and really hope to work on it, if there are any tips to increasing width for a complete newbie I’d really appreciate it.

Hello, new guy playing with pills here.

Hello everybody!

I’m completely new here, but I’ve some basic / theoretical knowledge surrounding the topics discussed here.

Well, to tell the truth, I’ve always been fascinated by big ejaculates - like Peter North’s, and that’s why I decided to test a well known brand of pills promoting ejaculation volume.

So, I started a couple of days ago my own experiment.

Wish me good luck in my endeavour! I’ll soon post my results on the forum, and see what will happen.



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