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I’ve been doing PE since last September using information gathered on another forum and decided to register here because I heard this is a treasure trove of information on all things PE. It certainly is too, many thanks to you all for everything I’ve read thus far!

First post

Hey. First post here. I’ve started PE properly for the first time since registering ages ago.

I originally bought a Jes Extender years ago, but my ex-gf made me feel weird about it, so I used it very sporadically, and eventually stopped.

Although I’m what would be considered ‘above average’ in size. I’ve often felt small. I was fairly tightly circumcised at age 3, and when I’m fully erect I find the balls are pulled so tight that it robs me of some of my size. Also my glans is proportionally large compared to my shaft, which perhaps gives the illusion of a shorter penis.

I’m actually carrying out 3 different ‘improvements’ at the same time. I decided that a foreskin restoration would greatly improve my sensitivity, make me fit in with the rest of the country (UK), and help to reduce the tightness when I’m erect. I’m also using ball stretchers to reduce the tightness down there. Thirdly, I’m doing a genuine PE routine which is consisting of pumping, jelqing and Jes extending. I will consider clamping and hanging once I’m more conditioned.

So I want my foreskin back, looser balls, and a larger penis to go with it. I know this is going to take at least 4 years to get all that, but this time I’m ready.

I figure by finally posting here, that it makes the whole thing more real.


Figured I’d step up and type a few words. It kinda feels like I’m in an AA meeting “I’m Michelle’s and I’m a PE’er”

Michelle is my wife and a big reason I’m starting in on this.

I use communal showers most days after the gym and am less then pleased in how I “add up” to the competition. By all counts, I’m average, but maybe it’s just my BDD that makes it seem like I’m always the least gifted one of the bunch.

I love the support I’ve seen in these forums and the amount of info shared by everyone. I hope someday I can add a little something to the discussion and be able to help someone out like some of you have for me.


Let's get started

Hey guys, this is a cool place you’ve got here I’m sure it’s gonna be one hell of a ride
I’ve lurked here a few times in the past, don’t know what it is, but apart from it being a massive storehouse of information and experience, I get a good vibe from this community so I’ve decided to join.

And In terms of what I want to gain.. I’d say about 2 inches but if I’m one of them lucky gainers where I gain easily I’ll go for more.
At the moment - I’m around 5.75 though I think I’ll measure myself a few times to get a more accurate reading and I’m going to be focusing on length first rather than girth, is this a good idea?

Anyways, that’s all for now, and thanks gents for this amazing forum.

This is my first post. I have been doing PE on and off since I joined this site on 12/30/2008 but never documented any gains. I’d normally do it for a few months and quit. I believe I started with a warm up then jelq and warm down but no stretches and then I worked my way into doing stretches. If I had to guess I would say I’ve gained at least 1 inch over that time period. Currently I will say I measure at 7 inches fully erect. I just started a routine about a week ago and use the unique heating pad for 10 minutes warm up, stretch for 20-30 minutes, jelq for 20-30 minutes and then use the heating pad another 10 minutes.

My goals over the next 6 months would be to work my way up to clamping/hanging after a few more months of manual exercises and measure at least 7.5 inches or longer by 10-4-2013.

I am 25 years old, about 6’ tall, 170-175 pounds. I will update this post with more accurate measurements and a better description of my routine at another time.

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I am new here. I am going to be starting on my PE journey within the next few days. I have spent the past few days researching so that I could properly set my goals. My desire is to have what I consider a perfect penis, which is one that is big enough to provide the most pleasure while not being too big to cause discomfort in the majority of women. My conclusion is that the perfect penis for this purpose would be 6.75” NBP X 5 5/8” . Therefore, that is my goal.

I am not sure that there is a perfect size, but I believe there is a perfect range. I feel that anywhere within that range would be perfect for the average woman. I feel that 6.75” NBPEL X 5 5/8” MSEG is within that ideal range. It allows me to not bottom out in the average vagina but still being able to get deep penetration, while allowing me to be long enough for sex in all positions. I may end up adjusting my goals slightly, but I hope not because I don’t want to obsess over this anymore. I did so much research to come up with these goals that I don’t want to overly obsess about new goals unless it is absolutely necessary.

My starting measurements are 6.25” BPEL (5” NBPEL) and my MSEG is 5.5” (it’s really more like 5.46 or something, but it’s above the 5 7/16” line, so I call it 5.5”). I believe I can gain some length by losing weight because my fat pad is about 1.25”. It seems like the average fat pad for in shape guys is .6”, so I think I can gain 5/8” with weight loss. This means that in order to get my 6.75” NBPEL that I would need to gain 1 1/8” in length. I know that will be very hard to accomplish, but I am hoping to reach that goal in 3 years. My girth goal is a little bit easier to reach because I am already 5 5/8” three quarters of the way up my shaft. Therefore, if I can gain a little over 1/8” of girth on the lower part of my shaft, then I will have reached my girth goal.

I am going to start on the linear routine, which I just read about yesterday. It starts with 60 wet Jelqs and then increases by about 20 a week. However, I want to modify it a bit by adding stretches after the first week ( 1 set of 5 way stretches for 30 secs each). I need to re-read the linear routine thread to see when the right time to add more sets of stretches is. I want to go slowly because I am afraid of getting turkey neck, so I need to be careful.

If everything goes according to plan, this will be a 3 year plan for me. I will hopefully go from 6.25 BPEL X 5.5 to 7 3/8 X 5 5/8 within 3 years. I would like to gain .75” in length and 1/8”- 3/16” in MSEG girth the first year, 3/8” of length in year 2, and gain my 5/8” of weight loss length after year 2, then gain whatever I failed to gain in the first 2 years in year 3.

First post

I have been a PEer for several years but never have been able to do it consistently for over 2 months at a time (using an extender). My first goal is to reach 7” x 5.5”.

First post

Started a few weeks ago, quite curious what I can achieve

Hey. Long time member/lurker. Finally starting PE this week. My plan is to start with the Newbie Routine.

Looking forward to see what I can accomplish and so is my size queen of a wife.

Welcome to all the newbies. We hope that your time here is enjoyable and beneficial! Good Luck, All!

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Good Morning ! I am a very newbie to PE I just started on 4/4/13 . I find this fascinating, as I work out and try to do some body building.. I have been doing stretches twice a day and just started to jelq and am taking it slow. How can I keep the flaccid results longer.. Really happy with my initial progress

Hi, guys. First, English is not my first language so I could make some mistakes. I wanna start by my motivation. I was 10 kg overweight and started training a few months ago. I learned that body is connected with mind so if you do not have healthy body, mind is “unhealthy” too. I know this is gonna be a long journey and if I do not gain much I won’t be mad because I am already above average. At least I will have healthy cock. My penis is 7.7 inches long 5.5 and inches in girth, my final goal would be to add maybe 1.3 inches in length and 1 inch in girth. That would make it 9 inches long and 6.5 inches in girth what I consider a pretty good size. I am a newbie so I will start slow and do not wanna rush so I would injure myself and that is something I don`t want. I heard about kegels and jelqing and does not look like some complicated workout so I figured out I will start there. My newbie friends I wish you all best of luck and that you get what you wanna get.

First post

Hoping to achieve a longer flaccid penis. If it improves over all length then great.

Trying to enter stats techno tard

Hello there everyone! I’m just starting PE at the age of 36. Just discovered it a few weeks ago from a You-Tube video by GoodlookingLooser, who seems to be a penis pump salesman for Bathmate. I thought he must be full of shit because he is clearly on someone’s payroll. I always believed that there was nothing you could do to build a bigger penis or it would be common knowledge and everyone would be doing it, and indeed talking about it. However through looking into it I was lead here and found this forum where, rather than trying to sell anything, the forum seems to advocated making your own equipment, if using any at all. So I have decided to give it a go! All my life I have been desperately unhappy with my penis, so if I can achieve any significant gains I would be delighted! I’m trying to enter my starting stats on here but I’m not having any luck. Help anyone?

Right, I managed to get profile updated and my stats on here. I still don’t know how to use a forum tho. Like I said, Techno tard =o/


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