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I’ve been stalking these forums for a few weeks, getting ready psychologically to get to the PE work. You guys don’t have an idea how much enthusiasm I felt reading all this stuff. It seems PE works, and improvements can be achieved for free and with a lot of effort - which is great for me because I can be really stubborn in a good way sometimes!

I do consider myself below average (though I guess wiki or something similar would say that I’m actually above), and my goal is getting to just what I would consider average. Something like +1” in both length and girth. I’m gonna try to put all the effort needed in this, and gonna report results every 3 months :)

I do have one problem though - I stumble upon very useful stuff on Thundersplace, like newbie routine and much more, but I never save the links and I tend not to find that valuable information again.. There’s nothing more annoying than a newbie who doesn’t use the search button, but I’ve got to ask:

Could any of you seasoned veterans link me to a few useful reads from which I can start off, please?

Hey, long time lurker, first time poster.

I’m starting up PE again, but this time I’ve made a thread to give some accountability to myself. I’m gonna see this through.

Side question: are there any natural supplements I can take that would help with PE? Something I can buy at a supplements store? Thanks

Stumbled upon the concept of jelqing last week - was curious and eventually found my way here!
Interested in doing the routines over the next few months and maybe a year. In honesty, I doubt the gains I’ll get in just one year will satisfy me - and the amount of years some members have invested into PE is crazy, even though their gains are minimal.

But still, I want to do it for the regime - being able to keep at something regardless of the odds. On top of this, the mental confidence it could provide will be nice! In the event that I do find gains in the measurements, though, it’ll be nice to see if it improves at all over a month or two.

Sorry if the entire post was bitter (Probably because I’ve been a hard-gainer in a number of other developments) - I’m actually enthusiastic about PE.
The routines seem straight-forward, and don’t take up much time anyway - so it’s a nice activity to maintain over the next few months.

Hey everybody. First post for me. I am amazed by all of the information on this site, and more amazed by some of the PE results achieved by some people. I’ve been reading for nearly a month and there seems to be no end in sight for learning. Thank you to everyone for posting all of this information.

Hi guys,

Greetings from Brasil


I’ve been perusing this site for about a day and this seems like a great place to break the ice. I am 6.3 BPEL (ruler on top of cock) and 5.6 MEG hoping to get to 7.75 BPEL, and 6.5 MEG in 3 years. I have visions of a large version of my pecker a dancing around in my head half the day now. Doing a basic routine, 5 min stretch, 15 Jelq every two days, plus a warm up.. Feeling good. Found the place through a book.

Someday I will be the proud owner of a large tumescent cock thanks to this site.. So thanks a ton!

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Feels good.

Another long time lurker, first time poster.

Hello all,
I’ve been trying PE for years of and on, in the past have given up after little to no results but I was flying solo and without any instruction. I tried pumping way back in the 80’s, they sure have improved since then. Lately I’ve been using one of the All Day Stretchers off of eBay, need to start jelqing. I have been looking into the products that Monkeybar has put together, looks interesting. My problem with contraptions is, I have a small unit to begin with, I have not officially measured but if I’m lucky 5.5” but flaccid it is extra small. I’ve had several back surgeries with a lot of nerve damage, the medication I’m on to help quite the nerves makes me turtle really bad. I’m hoping that stretching and exercises will help with that, it’s embarrassing. I know this is lame but in the back of my mind I’m afraid I’ll get in a car wreck or something and they’ll have to pull my pants down for some reason and they’ll be like “what the?”.

I saw this thread and thought it would be a good place to make my first appearance.

Hey there! I just started researching PE last week, for aesthetic and for EQ reasons. Can’t wait to get started, and I’m glad there are strong communities for support.

I give all y’all a great big hug! *hugs*

5.3" NBPEL.

BPEL 6.5-6.7" Goal: Anything!

Girth: 5" but getting bigger. ;)

New guy to the forums. Just stopping by to say what’s up

Found this site a few days ago during web surf. Still skeptical that PE works, but hope it does.

My knowledge of the subject is the first thing I’ll have to expand.

Lots of reading to do and jargon to learn before posting anything.

Hi Dezi,

Sceptical is good, it will make you take much more care to verify that you are actually gaining. A good knowledge of the anatomy of the penis will help.

Belated hi Undar8ed!

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Keep me on track

I need help staying on track. Like a personal trainer but with the exercises. This is my first time posting. So please give me some advice. Thanks

Giving up my V card here on Thunders place. Need to do my formal measurements soon, but I am sure I am at lower, but normal, range for length and likely below normal on girth range. I am following the newbie routine. Rice sock is great. Finding time is a bit easier as I already found 45 mins in my home gym to workout in the mornings - so I just “extended” my workout routine to start with 20-30 mins of the PE beginner routine before hitting the weights. I hope it works, but I am committed now, its a part of my exercise routine - and will give it a go for 6-12 months.

I am pleased to find this place after wading through a bunch of places who want to sell products.




Man there are a few pictures here where the “before” pictures would be ok as my “after”


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