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I’ve visited a couple of time before but just made an account.

Hey, newbies, I’ve been doing PE for 4 months now.. And yesterday my “girlfriend” noticed some physical difference for the first time (!), while doing doggy.. She said it was probably because of the one month we didn’t do it! (Noo, honeyy, it’s because I’m doing PE! Lol, of course I didn’t say anything and just agreed with her)
I’m really happy about that, and good luck, new members! There are a lot of succesful stories at the forum! Enjoy it! Unfortunately, something awkward I wasn’t expecting happened.. She noticed I was going deeper, but it caused some discomfort in her, not satisfaction!! Even not having a big unit at all! So I’m happy but with some doubts.. LOL
My gains are below, doing only newbie routine..

Started: NBPEL: 13,3 cm EG: 12,6 cm
4 months completed: NBPEL: 13,9 cm EG: 12,8 cm

Originally Posted by Corvusk
Hey, I joined Thunder’s Place just recently and I’ve noticed that its more or less frowned upon to be a “Lurker” and I have no intention on being one so here’s my first post! Love the atmosphere here and there’s TONS of awesome information, looking forward to being an active member of the forums :D

It’s not really “frowned upon” to be a lurker…after all, if we don’t know you’re there, how can we frown at you! :D
Seriously, One of the best things about this forum is that you can be as active or as passive as you wish. I think your experience here will be enhanced if you participate more, but it’s strictly up to you.

Welcome, Corvusk, and all of the other newbies! Onward and upward!

:_pump: :donatecar

Hello everybody, I stumbled across this place while searching for some PE stuff on google, and from what I’ve seen so far, I believe I found the right place. This PE community is amazing and it’s great reading about everybody’s journey and how there is so much support from other members. I look forward to being a part of this community and hopefully seeing my own PE gains!


Hello posters. Well, I’ve done PE twice in the past. The first time I gained a good bit of length and on the second I got a little more girth.

As far as an increase in size is concerned, I’m looking for some more girth and maybe length. Mostly, however, I want stronger erections and to see if I can wake my sex drive up. The reason being, back in high school I was on SSRIs and since then my libido and orgasms have always seemed ‘flat’. Not really expecting PE to get rid of that completely, but I know from the past that it does appear to help.

I’m looking forward to getting into the community.


Hi Guys, Just got the bib hanger, but figured I better do the newbie routine for 3-6 weeks to get back into it, as its been about 2 years since I have done any PE. I have had 2 penis enlargement surgeries and one repair. I wish I had just never gone that route.. But I did. Although I have significant gains in girth I have lost a lot of length. It seems to keep shrinking. I am back down to about 5 EL. There was a time when I was 6.5 EL.

Anyways this looked like the safest thread to start out in. I was a member of some other boards back in the day, but I really have enjoyed reading this one the last couple of days. I know for me if I don’t participate on a board like this I might lose the inspiration.. So today is day one of the newbie routine, thanks for all the great info.

Who left the door open? Look at how many noobs, damn!

Welcome guys. 4for4, power be with you.

Noob hi

Hi Fezz,

Welcome to the forum.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

Hey thanks just trying to look for some help, advice, and to gain but it seems I can’t post a thread for some reason? :/ And trying to get my question answered.

I’m doing PE since a long time, I don’t recall exactly but may be 2004.

I lurker since a long time just decided to join membership.

I had tried earlier once but then it said membership is closed down temporarily.

First post. Hello

Hello all this is my first time posting I just became a member last week, and I’m a little freaked out to start jelqing because of that one dudes story about him damaging his thing and his urologist said he needed surgery. Should I be worried?

Hello Thunder’s Place!


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