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Originally Posted by frankbunny
Hi, still unsure about stretching. Tips? How erect does my penis have to be?

Stretch with a flaccid penis.

For all the newbies:learn to use the :search: function! It’s easy and fun!

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Wohoooo PE yeah!

Newbie 2

Hi folks,

Just arrived yesterday and having a look around. Thanks Slack for the advice on doing searches.

Welcome To Myself!

Here's my first post

So I have been doing PE on and off for a few years now (mostly off). Back in 2005 I did something similar to the newbie routine and gained a half inch in a few months of sporadic “newbie” routines. Then I got into a serious relationship or 2 and now I’m back. I started doing the newbie routine once again and have been doing 5 on 2 off and plan on doing it for the long haul. 5.5” BPEL now and if I stick with a routine and modify it over the next 2 years I hope to, at the very least, get to 7.5”.

Welcome to all the fresh-faced and eager newbies! Good Luck

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Hi guys,
New here, thought I would sign on the dotted line so to speak. Just started the Newbie routine. My Current BPEL is 6.1 and MSEG is 4.75 my interim goal is to get to 7x5.5 I’m aiming for inside a year, but who knows. I’ll take any gains I get and progress from there. I have a decent fat pad atm, so in conjunction with signing up here I’ve signed my arse up at the gym as well. If I’m going to improve my length and girth I might as well have a decent frame for it :)

Good luck to all the other newbies out there as well

Welcome to the forum.

You have reasonable goals. Take very good measurements and some photos so that you can track your progress properly.

Good luck.

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Hi everyone,

Haven’t post anything yet because the information is vast, and I rather take my time understanding the science behind all of this. Have been PEing for a couple of weeks now, no gains but also no expectations yet, trying to be realistic. I am also a bit afraid of not seeing any gains for the first few months. I know it is totally normal for many, and most have their biggest gains after several month.
I read this forum daily and motivate myself as much as I can!
Thank you all for sharing your experiences , progress, and information that allows us all to PE.

Welcome, powergirth! It sounds as though you have reasonable expectations and you’re wise to want to proceed carefully. Consider posting your stats in the PE Data Site, and updating them there (as well as in an ongoing log if you wish) for easy record keeping. Good luck!

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Whats up. New member, first reply to a thread. What can I say, this place is so insightful! My goal is to gain an inch, first have to learn how to do a proper jelq without going hard. Lol.

Guess this is the first step on the journey to becoming a PE guru.


I’m not really a new member, as I have been using this site for quite some time now; however, I have never really had any thing of value to add to the conversation.

I am very grateful to have been able to read about everyones’ experiences with PEing: it certainly makes the journey feel less lonely.

I’ve decided to try my best to actively participate and share any information/knowledge as well as lend support to my fellow members.

Thanks for everything. Hopefully I will be talking to some of you soon.

Good to have you Kevin!!

There is always value in your opinion and anything you can add to discussion and debates! So get involved with the community it makes it a lot more enjoyable, also good luck with your gains!

Beating Genetics One Jelq At A Time

Starting: BPEL- 5.94" EL- 5.48" EG-4.72"

Hi Guys,

I frequented this site maybe 4 years ago and stuck with PE for 1 year. I was really happy with the results it gave me. I was never a great keeping track of measurements. I’m pretty sure I was 5.7 BP and 5.1 MS EG when I started. The first few months I felt were wasted as I spent time messing with a cheap extender. I binned it and mainly did stretches. By the end of the year I was around 6.7 BP and 5.25 MS EG.

At the age of 41 it was weird to see me attached to a bigger dick (although not that big). I’m turning 45 this year and have a sexy younger girlfriend. So I decided to get back into it again. I’ve probably only been doing PE again (stretches) for 6 weeks and I seem to have got a bunch of newbie gains again. I’m hitting 7 BP. That was a bit of surprise. I guess I can stretch well because I have rock climbers hands. I haven’t yet seen any girth gains.

I’m really looking forward to even more progress and figure Ill spend a bigger part of the year on girth.

I’m a tall guy with big hands. Prior to PE my dick looked small in my own hands :( . But Now I hold it with pride! And its even better when my girlfriend holds it with lust!

Welcome newbies all!! We’re glad to have you in our dick-tugging fraternity. Happy growing!

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