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Just joined recently. I am going to start a newbie routine and take it slow and see how it goes.

Welcome, newbies! It’s so good to read when newbies post that they’re planning on doing the newie routine and proceeding carefully instead of jumping into advanced exercises and then wondering why they’ve sustained an injury!! Good luck all!

:_pump: :donatecar

Hey all :) been thinking about doing this for a long, long time, and I think now I’m going to start. Newbie routine for me, let’s see how this goes :)

Hey everyone! Been lurking/waiting to join for a long time. Have done some PE in the past and love reading all the success stories, keeps me motivated!

Currently doing some pumping and jelqing afterwards.

Starting stats are BPEL 6.5, MSEG 4.9-5.1, not sure on where I want to end up yet.

Hi all,

This is a great site, I joined a couple years ago but never been consistent, I’m planning on being tho. Will try to post results in a couple of months.


Starting BPEL: 6.2 Short term goal: 6.4

What a goofy thread

Hey everyone!

Just made and account but have been lurking on this forums for many months! Plan on starting a progress thread soon to help with consistency

Starting stats: BPEL: 6.0 EG: 4.61

Glad to finally be a part of thunders! Good luck to all on gains and wish me luck :D

I'm a newbie

Whats up everyone. I started the PE and its been 3 months already. I’ve seen little results but so far so good I’m not giving up.


Hi. Iv been lurking on the site for a few weeks now, and am now looking forward to getting started with P.E. My stats are 6.8 BPEL and 5.3 EG. What is a realistic goal to set? Thanks

Sorry just to correct my stats. NBPEL 6.8. BPEL 7.5. EG 5.3. Thanks.

Hi. Just introducing myself on here. Wondering how I compare too especially given my size. I’m a really small guy being only 5’3” and 110lbs. Got a high metabolism and it’s hard to gain weight and keep it. My BPEL is 5.25” and EG is 4”. I guess all things considered I’m pretty damn lucky for how tall I am =P. I’m hoping for 6”Lx5”G

Originally Posted by coolies

What’s up guys? I visit daily too. I find most of the answer to my questions, so rarely do I post. I really like this site and thanks for all the good information.

That’s me too. I’ve only begun to tap the knowledge base here at Thunder’s Place.

Start: April 2012 BPEL 5¼" x EG 4¾"----> July 2012 BPEL 5¾" x EG 4⅞"

First goal: 6"x5"

Long Term Goal: 8"x5¾"

Hi, still unsure about stretching. Tips? How erect does my penis have to be?

I can’t see the instructional videos, feel like I might hurt myself. I’m more of a visual learner.


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