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1st post. Started PEing 9 months ago with a couple weeks off here and there. Began with jelqs for 3 months, hanging for another 3 and then pumping. Liked the results from hanging so will try to get a schedule set back up for that.

Time to continue

I found this site way back in like 2000,2001 .. I would follow the routine for like a month max and have good results , than I would quit,, this time I’m not !! I’m thinking if I would have continued, imagine the progress I would have made !

Tried for to weeks stealth PE is hard, gonna start again soon!


Indeed I have never posted on this site and I sometimes got blocked from posting in conversations I would like to be part of why is this? And what is a v jelq? Can somebody please give me instructions on how to perform alternative grips on jelquing? Also, methods besides clamping of gaining in the corposum spongiosum?


1st post have been reading and lurking a few months when I first started PE. I am absolutely blown away with the amount of info available here and am grateful to all the contributors. Like any Newb I have questions so chime in if you have input please.
1 Is there a relation to the flaccid size gains vs erect size gains. Coming out of the gates we seem to see gains 1st in flaccid then in erect how long does it take to notice the gains in erect after flaccid has gained?
2 Any one know why we’re hanging so full and long when you really got take a leak?
3 Is an overly sensitive frenulum normal.Feel like micro abrasions but nothing visible Jelqing up to 1 in +- of glans

Thanks in advance
Awesome forum!

Need 1 more post to get an avatar! This place is cool.

Start: January 2009 - EL:7"/BPEL:7.25"/MSEG:5"

Current: Aug 2016 - EL: 7"/BPEL:7.5"/MSEG:5.43"

Old Goal: EL:8.5"/EG:6" [New Goal: EL - 8" | EG - 6.25"]


I’ve known about this site for a few years, and have played around a little bit with P.E., but now after a divorce, I am going to really dedicate myself to this.

My current stats -
EG - 5”
EL - 6”

I started the New-by routine today and plan on sticking with it for at least 3 months.

I also am looking at maintaining a healthy sex life, so I picked up some supplements today as well.

I am taking the following-

My goals are as follows -
Girth - 6 - 6.5
Length - 7.5 - 8

I am a bodybuilder, so I’m very familiar with utilizing rest to aid recovery. I am also a very good visualizer, so I’m hoping my visualization skills can pay off for my P.E. Goals as well.

Wish me luck guys.


Hay all, posting in the cherry poppen thread, been PEing for about 6 months on and off (mostly off), but over the past three weeks I’ve really been getting back into it.

I’m excited to be able to other forum sections!

Hi everyone,
I’m still newbie here.
And this is my first post.
I’m impressed with this kind of forum.
Hope this forum works well for everyone.



I’ve finally done it. This is my 1st post after several years as a member. Just yesterday I constructed a Captn’s Wench and I’m amazed at all the gains and pics on this forum. Time for me to get to work on building the perfect cock.


Hi guys,nice to be here.

Originally Posted by Dragonhead
Hello people Dragonhead here, hailing from sunny England (yeah right!)

Starting my proper routine tomorrow after a few years of messing about with PE here and there(have seen some pretty good gains from the random dabble)

Will update stats and stuff soon

PS does anyone know how to upload an avatar or is that something earned?

Scratch that I’m starting today, had a fall and sprained a tendon in my wrist which meant physio for 6 months! 100% healed now though so back to business.

Thanks for the heads up Sunshine Kid.

Gonna grow a dick so big, it's gonna need wings to reach full mast.

Current Stats as of 29/01/10: BNP EL=7.20" - MEG=5.2"


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