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HI all,

I been on thunderplace for a while but didnt really take pe seriously so didnt see any gains. This time I am a lot more motivated (even quit smoking, less masturbation) and ready to see some gains :-p

Hi guys,

Just want to thank all of you for the contributions regarding PE. I hope I will be able to gain through the PE routines posted here.



I’m so glad that I found this board :D



START: '09/Nov BPEL= 6,3" & EG= 4,3"

GOAL: BPEL= 7,5" & EG= 5"

Hey. Been around this site for what seems like a while just reading the threads, though I haven’t done any PE yet. Anyways, the reason I’m here: I would like to increase my size and have a healthier unit.

7 in. BPEL
6 in. NBPEL
5.5 in. EG (mid-shaft)

I know I’m not small, even above average, but I would like to get to a size of 8 x 6 (BPEL and MSEG). I think I would like a final length of 9 in. BPEL (but lets see if I can decrease my fat pad, really going for the 8in NBPEL). The reason I haven’t started PE yet is because I have no stealthy way to do it. Currently I am in college (just turned 22 years old) and there’s no way I can do it without some stealth device for heating. I don’t want to use the showers, because I seem to turtle easily in hot water, unless I’m primed before hand. I have noticed that some have had success with heating using LEDs and am very interested in building an array that I can use for warm ups, but I have not being able to find any schematics detailing how to build one and none of my PM’s have been returned telling me how to make one. I am in school for electrical/computer engineering degrees, but I just haven’t gotten far enough to learn how to make my own circuits that complicated from scratch.

The two threads that I found on LED heating are here:
Using Light to get Heavy - INFRARED
PE an Engineers approach

I hope to be starting PE soon. Thank you all.

This is my first post and I think it’s going to be a long one (pun intended). I’ve spent some time reading and then some more time reading. Watching videos. Looking at dick pictures, (which is weird but I think we all in a way are curious to compare our own awesome dicks to someone else’s dick.

I was reluctant to start PE, mostly due to an anxiety over hurting myself- I.e. Breaking my dick, permanently. So I had to o some soul searching as to risk vs. Reward. It went something like this. I’m not unhappy with my dick, it’s seven inches long with a non bone press. Seven and a half if I do press. In the middle of the shaft my erect girth is about 4.75 inches.

All around I would say, based on what I’ve been told by the only people I know who have any information on the dick average spectrum, the women I’ve been with. They say it’s above average. Some who were inexperienced said it’s really big, and some who were experienced said it was bigger than average. So what’s shameful in being in the top half? I should be happy with that right. Wrong.

It must be the “above average complex” because what I’ve read so far has lead me to believe that many of the member here have dicks above average to start with and they fucking know it. And it’s the above average who want more don’t we. Most people would be happy just getting into the olympics, but us, we say I don’t want your fucking bronze medal I want more.

The reason I decided to begin experimenting with PE is Girth. I want some more. I want a thicker cock. 5.5 inches around is my goal. A goal to make jaws drop. A gold goal, where wherever the jaw drops to isn’t going to be enough to wrap around my thick cock.

So now that I decided to make the plunge, and share my little heart out here is my experience thus far..

I have been doing PE for two weeks. I start with a hot shower, focused on my cock to get it nice and warm. When I feel it’s ready and not a second before, I begin my kegels. I do fifteen three second kegels followed by fifteen one second kegels. Next while still in the shower I preform some light streaching. The heat ensures the elasticity of my cock durning these light streaches. After the streaches I proceed to my room where I lube up both hands and perform eight, that’s correct, only eight jelqs. The “ok” grip with rotatieng left and right hands each with palm out and palm in respective facing. The jelqs are slow and tight perfering quality to quantity. This usually gets me turned on and I give myself a happy finish for my hard work.

I have yet to attempt to measure any gains thus far and I’ll share with you why. I don’t know if I care so much about gains at this point because the gains in my EQ has raised the fucking bar. If you don’t know what EQ is yet, it’s Erectile Quotient. A measuring scale of the quality of your erections. Let me tell you, the only thing better than a bigger cock is a better erection. It makes sex it every way so much more injoyable. Let me explain, my dick is at it’s hardest and most swollen right before I come, but now that same hardness and swolleness is with me for the most part throughout duration of the sexual encounter. How AWESOME is that! A little kegeling and a little jelqing has gone a long way my friends.

The other night my girlfriend whom I have been with for quite some time mentioned that during sex she “felt like there was more of me there” really? OK fucking awesome, because the sex we had felt amazing to my rock hard dick. The time after that I really let her have it and when we were done she wobbled to the bed admitting she was kind of sore. Again fucking awesome! My dick is designed to give me pleasure and now my dick is better at doing that.

While this has set me on a path to continue my PE’ing, and has given me two totally awesome “rides” I must also admit that while my girlfriend and I had fun, she didn’t have an orgasm either time. My girlfriend is fucking awesome and loves to have sex, all the time. I would say the frequency of her orgasms would be in the fifty percent range, like flipping a coin. But It’s not like flipping a coin at all. She “comes” when we make love not when we fuck. All brain you see, and besides girls being beautiful they’re totally fucking complex and awesome.

What I’m trying to say is that I’m into PE, and into having a hard dick and a big dick, but lets not ever forget that it’s not the end all be all to being a great lover to your partner. Being a great lover to yourself, yeah maybe, but being a great lover to her.. There’s alot more to it.

Oh, and further more for anyone who wants to know- my simple routine is every other day. As a newbie I’m starting slow and being safe. One day on and one day of rest. Remember, you only have one dick. What would you do without it? That’s how I look at it. Good luck to all of your dicks!

I’m new here, tried to signup in the past when memberships were closed, have read the forums on and off for a few years. Never done any PE. I recently bought MB’s VacExtender “KR” Package so far have been wearing the VacADS a few hours at work.

Think I have a solid start, never been shy about my size thought I might try to gain a little bit though.

First post ever. Looks like I will learn a lot !

Just stopping by to say “What up”.

Hi everyone,
I am a forum lurker and a closet PE-er. Kudos to all contributors.
I started PE 2 years ago, didn’t get much results, stopped and some half year ago re-started and gained 1/2” in length, nothing in girth.

Recently I am getting red spots on the glans after doing manual stretching, never got them before so I got scared out of my skin. May stop PE for awhile again but I am definitely still lurking. :)

Keep it up guys.

Hi everyone I’m here like most to increase my penis size :D

I have never posted before so I thought I might write one here so I am not part of the 35,000 who have never. I think the reason is because there is so much info it takes a long time to go through it before posting any questions or results. I am currently reading through as many posts as I can trying to get a feel of the PE process. I will try once I get a good amount of knowledge so I can reduce damage and increase efficiency.


Hello All!

I think my venture into the world of PE stems from watching a LOT of porn over the years, not getting laid very often and becoming insecure about size and performance.

Aiming for 8x6 (nbp) and being able to fuck for a long time. My GF has never orgasmed from sex alone so that is another goal.

Look forward to learning and contributing with you all.

Welcome and good luck, Dieselrod. Start working and keep us updated.

Ello. Figured I’d post here since I can’t post my starting pics in the member’s section yet =D. Starting out at about 7.5 bpel and about 6.2 eg. Will work until I achieve over 8 nbpel. I’m happy with my girth, but just for the sake of something to aim for I’ll say.6.8 eg. I’ve been a member for quite some time, but am just now starting to get into pe and all the glory that comes with it.


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