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Lose your Thundersplace posting virginity here!

I found this site back in 2001 in search of penile enlargmemt. Have been a lurker

on and off ever since. Finally taking on a routine about one year ago and although I did not stick 100%

to this routine I did make gains. There is no feeling like the feeling you get when your girl friend sais ” wow your dick feels bigger”. Thank you to everyone here for helping to build this phenomenon known as natural PE.

I joined this site about 2 years ago and that’s when I started jelqing for 3 weeks and stopped because of injury. I plan on starting tomorrow and for the rest of my life. When I did start jelqing I noticed it was getting bigger, but also my erections were healthier and stronger. Thank you so much for Thunder’s Place

Hey, Everyone

Hey everyone!! Found this link to lose my posting virginity so I thought why not? Been following Guru Thunder for about a couple of years now and have been practicing PE sporadically at best. Probably tend to over “exercise” when I do PE, but I have seen modest gains. I have always been more happy with my length (begin PE, 7.25” BP) and disappointed with my girth (begin about 4.8”). Have gained about a half inch in length and girth when super hard, which, I must admit is more often since using the routine —- especially the girth of the corona! Always kind of a torpedo shape before and now I am getting a little “mushroom”.

Anyway, hope everyone achieves their goals and reaches that nirvana that they long for! Maybe someday I will get the fortitude to post a few pictures of my progress!

Oh, and by the way, follow the gurus’ advice and take pictures before you begin PE and as you progress. I wish to hell I had!

Losing my Virginity here

Just joined woohoo I’ve been waiting a little while to join and glad to have the opportunity now :D I’m new to PE as I do newbie routine and use an x4 extender. Only been PEing for just over 3 weeks and have read a fair amount of articals. Can’t wait to learn enough to help others and can’t wait to read tons of info from seasoned Vets!


This is my first post and I am new here. Have a question with just the basics can you increase ur penis size effectively? I want more girth!! Anyways this is cool. And just wanderin why can’t I watch the videos.

Dropping by.


When did you all decide to let new members join? Happy to be here,

HI, I’m new at this forum and I want to learn everything as I can.

Hey everybody!

I found this site about a month ago but the registrations were closed. I emailed ThunderSS and asked when registrations would open up and he replied February 1st. Awesome and I put that in my calender. I am saying hello to the forum. Right now I have a 5.5in BPEL and 4.75 EG. My initial goal is quite modest at 6.5in BPEL and 5.5in EG. My long term goal is more ambitious at 7.5in BPEL and 6in EG. I just started pe-ing last week, mainly stretching exercises, jelqing and fowfers. As this is going to be all in stealth I need to find a routine that would suit my needs. I’m loving this place. Good luck to everyone especially the 5000 newbies that just registered.

Hi everyone!

Oh man this is the place to be. Can’t wait to talk about gains, reach set goals and freak out the wife. She knows that I’m doing it but I don’t think she believes it. I started the newbie routine last night. I’m 5.5 BPEL and 4.5 EG. End of 2010 my goal is 6.5 BPEL and 5 EG.

Good luck to everyone and thanks Thunder.

Hello! I’m new! Just dropping in to say hi.

Well I am not necessarily new, I have been around the limited forums before I was able to register an account here.

Ahh just like the real thing quick awkward and oddly satisfying. :P

Looking forward to some real results!

Losing my virginity :)

Start: 01/01/2010 --- First Goal 12/31/2010 _____ You can do all that you think is possible!!

BPEL: 7.5 EG: 5.5 ------------ BPEL: 9.0 EG: 7.0 ___ The Magic Progress

Been a lurker for ages and excited to finally be a member!


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