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Lose your Thundersplace posting virginity here!

Long time lurker, first time poster.


Hey all,

Have been browsing the forum as a guest for a month or so now, but now registration is back up I think I can get serious about PE.

Will take measurements soon and begin the newbie routine.

Here’s to (hopefully) a bigger penis!

Finally managed to register, very long time lurker hehe, looking forward to posting here.

First post here. I hope for my patience to last over the upcoming months so I see when gains finally occur.

Hey guys, glad to join the club :)



I have 13 centimeters in penis length, I want to have 17 centimeters. I hope Thunder’s Place can help me.

Hola. fellow exercisers

Just wanted to say hello. Still getting to know the site and super excited to start but I thought I would get my first post out there.

Finally back

Glad to be back, last visit was in 2008. Since it’s been so long I’m starting at square one with the newbie manual and taking it slow. Looking forward to browsing the rest of the site, seeing what’s new, posting some starter pics, and heating up the old rice sock again. Hoping to add length and a little girth as well while hopefully correcting a little left-hand curve. See you on the boards!

1 Mar 06 BPEL: 6.75" EL: 6.0" EG: 5.5" (Base 6.0").FL: 3.0" FG: 4.5"

Short-term goal BPEL: 7.0" EL: 6.4" EG: 5.75"

Long-term goal BPEL: 8.0" EL: 7.0+" EG: 6.0"

Popping my cherry!

Hey all! Glad to join xD

Not really a virgin already but thought I’d make things right and stop by to say hey.

Starting size: 5.1'' x 4'' (2010-2-10)

Current size: 5.1'' x 4'' (2010-2-12)

Wanted size: 7'' x 5'' (?-?-?)

Sup guys, I really like what you have going here. I joined mainly to correct the curve on my penis, but maybe this community will be more than that. Who knows.. Well happy jelqing!


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