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You have to put into your fat, yes - BPEL measure, so ’ (pubic) bone pressed’. Stretches are not to pull out from your fat, but to make it longer. To lose weight there aren’t magic formulas, as far as I know: just doing some physical activities, eating less (and healthier), and being focused on something that really interests you, to distract your mind from food.

Welcome and good luck.

Hello to all at Thunder’s Place.

One of your very kind bagpipe playing members gave me the heads up on this place when I was worried about my kilt flying up in the breeze. ;)

Hopefully soon I will want to go out on windy days!

Great site you got here.

New here

Great site fellas! I enjoy reading the posts and learning from others experiences. I believe it will save me from making a lot of mistakes and maybe I can help someone not make the same ones I have made.. Anyway, my stats are 5.5 bpel x 5.25 eg (at base). I don’t really measure flacid, prolly around 3”bpfl x 3.5 (rough guess). Right now this is the routine I’m getting into. Hot shower warm up about 10-15 minutes follwed by light stretching in all directions (10-15 seconds each) for a few minutes. Then I jelq somewhere between 10-15 minutes ( each jelq lasting 3-5 seconds). Then to end the session I edge for a bit, maybe 10 minutes or so or until wife or kids come knockin. Hmhmhm.. I have done some PE before but didn’t stick to it mainly because I would start to see some gains, get all excited and start pushing (or pulling I should say) too intensley and start losing all my gains. Talk about a bummer! But I’m back dadadada;) King o England! Good to see ya! Hmhmhm. Oh, I will also add I read someones advice on how tight a grip to use when jelqing and they said imagine the force necessary to crack an egg and that is the right grip. And you know what? Ever since I been going by that advice Jelqing is a delicious experience! My eg measurement when I started about 3 wks ago was 5” at the base and just behind my glans it was 4.25 or so.. A quite noticable difference to look at. Already after only 3 wks it is looking like it is evening out all the way to the glans. Also the base is now at 5.25” at the base. So things are moving in the right direction, and I enjoy doing the exercises. A new hobby I guess you could say. Hmhmhm.

Well might as well post here and lose some sort of virginity because I sure have not lost mine yet. I hope I can get this stuff to work so I can feel more confident and possibly lose my real virginity soon.

Hey mightgiveinn, we’re signin up at the same time.. What are your stats? Have you already been doing PE? I think I have a pretty good beginner routine going right now. Over the last 3-4 wks I have made some gains and I’m havin fun so.. Anyway good luck buddy!

Hi to all members of this great forum!! It’s my first post !! And I’m going to enlarge my Russian rocket!

Awesome, good luck American Toy!

And to all other newbies just starting out!


I saw a guy today wearing a t shirt that had your 3 legged man avatar on the front, with “Gifted” written above it. I wonder if he was a member here? :)

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

Basics.... firegoat roll How to use the Search button for best results

Hi,I am new here.

Hi, this is my first message!

Hi guys, welcome aboard.

I cannot download videos? Do I need to cross a certain posts threshold to be able to do so?

Anyway, here’s the first one to start with anyway :-)

Hi guys, I’m new here.

How can I see the pictures and videos?

Thanks in advance!

Originally Posted by firegoat

I saw a guy today wearing a t shirt that had your 3 legged man avatar on the front, with “Gifted” written above it. I wonder if he was a member here? :)

Heheh I wonder, I got mine off a durex website :)


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