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Loosely circumcised, still having trouble wrapping.

Loosely circumcised, still having trouble wrapping.

Hi all. I’m having difficulties wrapping for using an ADS. I’m loosely circumcised, so I can’t put the wrapping mid-shaft unless I want to just stretch the skin. However, if I tie a knot under the glans like I’ve been doing (rope along the top, knot on the underside) that is tight enough to stop it from slipping out, it cuts off circulation fairly rapidly and I’m worried I’ll cause damage. I’ve tried:

Foam (slips out).
Cotton cloth (best so far, but still cuts off circulation a bit, and can slip fairly easily if I try putting something else over it)
Two diameters of cord (the thicker one feels like it works a bit better)
Self-adhering bandage (coarse texture + pressure = pain)
Gauze (rips too easily, doesn’t help much).

I can’t figure out what you are doing. Which kind of ads requires wrapping?

Maybe wrapping is the wrong term, then. I need to be able to tie a knot around the glans for a concealable turnbuckle ADS. If I don’t put some sort of material between the cord and the skin, it cuts off circulation too much in a very narrow band, which becomes painful and makes me worry I could cause long-term damage.

Some people overcome the problem using thick eyeglass strings.

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