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Wrapping - increase girth, decrease discoloration

Wrapping - increase girth, decrease discoloration

In some old threads I remember Bib in particular advocating wrapping for the purpose of reducing discoloration. However, the thread sort of seemed to end early, leaving me wondering what people’s results were. The theory sounded very sound though, so I was intrigued. Anyone know more about this?

Secondly, how do people feel about wrapping as a means of increasing girth. I’m not sure I understand how this would work. It seems to me that people mean to wrap the whole dick, so this seems different from the mechanism behind cock rings and clamping. I realize wrapping would be for extended periods, but why might it be preferable to cock ring?

Ok so noone seems to have much to say about wrapping for discoloration reduction.

Well, how about long-wear Cock-ring vs. Long-wear Wrapping for size?

Wrapping didn’t remove my discoloration. If anything, it made it worse. Maybe it only works on certain kinds.

Here is an old thread about wrapping for girth: Synergistic effect of wrapping on hanging and uli’s for Bib, etals

The wrap is applied anywhere from base to midshaft (I prefer the base). Getting the tension exactly right isn’t easy. Too loose and no pressure will build. Too tight and blood flow is overly restricted.

Cock rings are good for edging, but you have to maintain an erection. The purpose of wrapping is to constrict just enough to build and sustain increased pressure with no erection involved.

I would like to help out, but I’m a newbie myself and don’t have your answers. I’ve asked a set of similar questions that haven’t been answered yet either.

Perhaps we just weren’t thourough enough on our use of the search function and the answers are still waiting to be found on the forum.

I’ve learned a little about the cockring question and will answer it to the best of my ability. If you are wearing one tight enough to be equated with clamping, you should not exceed 10 minutes. If you are simply wearing it to keep the visible results of a workout, pump, or whatever else it could be safe to wear for up to 3 hours as long as you aren’t getting numb, tingly, cold, or discolored. However, I don’t believe that being slightly bigger than normal for an extended time actually has any PE value other than making your lady feel better while making love with her. To actually make gains, you have to be exceeding your normal size to get a stretch on the assorted penile structures.

EDIT: I replied too soon, we now have one answer posted while I was typing mine.

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