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Length Gain with large girth

Length Gain with large girth

My first post on Thunder’s Place. I’ve been reading as a spectator for about 3 months with membership for about 2 of those 3 months. I’ve used the newbie routine consistently for 70 days with the schedule of 2 days on one day off and I haven’t gained any length or girth. My goal is to only gain 1/2” of erect length but as I read through the site it seems that its hard to gain length with a larger girth. My erect length bone pressed at the moment is 7.5” with a 6” erect girth. Are there any suggested methods I could use to get this 1/2” of erect length considering my girth? Also to clarify, I do not have access to any equipment nor money to purchase equipment, in my position as a sophmore in college I don’t have the resources to purchase any hangers, extenders, pumps and etc. Any information is appreciated.

You might focus on the ligs with your stretches , I think firegoats link aims at that too.
0.5 inches should be avlaible there. Just stay consistent riding some fatigue. Increase frequency as in doing small additional stretch workout during the day.(toillete breaks)

I would suggest you 360 stretches into all directions. Ease into all stretches and relax pelvic floor.

I appreciate the quick and informative replies. Ill give firegoat’s routine a try as well as focus on relaxing my pelvic floor and easing into stretch. Thanks for the info guys ill keep you posted on my progress.

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