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Kegels; frequency and relation to PE regiment

Kegels; frequency and relation to PE regiment

So I enjoy kegeling for better EQ, and I generally try to do it a couple hours before my PE routine, but I’m never sure when its most beneficial.

I just started so I don’t want to hurt myself or anything.

1) Should I do kegels before or after my routine?

2) Do you need to do kegels erect? I generally do them completely flaccid

3) Should I take rest days?; How much kegeling can you get away with; will you ever do damage and reduce EQ?

Thanks in advance.

Sometimes same day as I kegel I get rock hard erections later on. Sometimes I get no improvements later on at all… I can’t figure it out, tbh.

1) You can do kegels anytime you like. I don’t believe whether you do them before, after, or both will make much difference. I often try to do them while I’m jelqing, thereby forcing more blood into my semi-erection before forcing it up the length of the penis.

2) You can do them either way. An erection provides resistance against the muscle, so use that or don’t. I’ve heard of guys doing them with a wet wash cloth draped on the end of their erection for even more resistance.

3) I’ve never heard of anyone injuring themselves with kegels. If that muscle gets overworked it simply will not tighten up anymore. I avoid doing too many of them before I go out if I expect to get lucky. My experience has been that if that muscle has been pre-exhausted, I can’t fuck for very long before I pop. I’m also of the opinion that that muscle is like any other, and deserves and needs a day off after a serious workout to recover, so I only do kegel workouts every other day. Your experience may be different, but I hope that I have been helpful.

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