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Newbie to you but to me a true PE veteran looking to refine my regiment.

Newbie to you but to me a true PE veteran looking to refine my regiment.

I have only recently discovered this site, and I am impressed by the amount of insight that I see here. I may be considered a newbie to all you guys, but I am more of a veteran than most (since I can’t post anywhere else just yet, I have to post here in this newbie forum). I have been PEing on and off for over 2 yrs. Now, and currently I am at a point, a crossroad where it seems like I’m never going to make anymore gains. And that plateau that veterans constantly bring up just, in my eyes, hasn’t happened to me yet. I had slow, steady gains for a while but now I haven’t gained anything for a while. So basically I am here to see what people have to say about what doe happen when the plateau is hit. Do I gain a half inch (or possibly an inch) all the sudden in a period of time as short as a week or as long as several months? And at what point of PEing does this happen? When I started, my erection was not as strong or as firm as it is now. Now it looks strong visually. But there is also the issue of the “inside penis” that still seems to be present in me. This is where I believe sudden growth can take place and where the true plateau can be reached, when the penis has been stretched as such and for a long, consistent period of time that there has to be no choice but for the “inside penis” to finally come out. Am I wrong in believing this? Right now this is my biggest issue, finding specific stretches and techniques that can allow that to happen. Of course kegeling is a major key here, for I believe that kegeling plays a 50% role in gains, and that my own gains have been attributed to my PC(BC) muscle gaining strength. I can do an impressive amount of kegels at one time (up to 800 but you have to fight ejaculation), so strength there is not an issue to me. I usually limit them to 5-second kegels, and set aside maybe 20 kegels each 30-45 sec. In duration. And I usually do a few kegels before I begin stretching, 80 to be exact. I do not do 800 kegels a day because it is too time consuming, rather I do that many 3x a week. Yet on the stretching and girth exercise part, I find myself today wanting to start from scratch and finding what I need to do to reach my goal, which is 9” length (NOT BONE-PRESSED) and 6” girth. I am currently at around 7 3/4” non-bone pressed length and 5 2/3” girth. Like my handle states I do hope to be a porn star one day, so I think my goal is an optimal size to have in the industry.

So, I do look for people here to help me achieve my goal as fast as possible. I know I would probably have to have a length-oriented regiment for now to reach my length goals, but I do hope to come up with good girth exercises as well to reach my goal there as well (for I think my girth goal will be achieved faster even with a length-oriented regiment). I also plan to juggle different exercises weekly or bi-weekly in an attempt to speed up growth, for doing the same ones week-in and week-out will hamper growth, as I have concluded (is this belief of mine wrong?). More importantly, I want to find a regiment that time-wise is manageable to do 5x a week yet can be very effective. How many kegels should I optimally do a day? And since my LOT hovers around 7-8:00, do I do more low-hanging or high-hanging exercises? Does smoking play a role in growth (I am a smoker), or lack-of? Lifestyle? Is everything that I have stated even in the same ballpark as truth? And how long do I have to actually warm-up/warm-down? All info will be greatly appreciated.

Length at start PE (3/31/05): 6.875” non-bone pressed
Currently (7/9/07): 7 3/4” non-pressed
Add about 1/2” bone-pressed..

Girth at start: 5.25” mid-shaft
Currently: 5.67” mid-shaft
GOAL: 9” non-pressed length, 6” girth

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Well what is your current routine? Have you increased you time intensity or just try to change up the routine in the past? How often do you PE per week? LOT is just a theory so you dont have to worry about that.

IMO the best thing to do when you hit a plateau is to take a deconitioning break of 4-6 weeks. Smoking does have bad effects on size. 5 minutes of warm up minimum.

Good luck on your journey.

Obsession is a word used by the lazy to describe the dedicated.

My Pics

AOM's training log

My current routine is as follows:
Before warm-up 80 kegels total (75 5 sec., 5 30 sec.)
5 min. Warm-up
5 30 sec. Stretches in each direction (30 total)
15 helicopter stretches (straight, then alternate up/down, then around for 30 sec./rep; alternate hands for every rep and alternate up/down stretches by workout)
15 30 sec. Stretches straight, with last 20 sec putting pressure up and down shaft with thumb
10 30 sec. A-Stretch (w/bar)

5 min hot cloth

650 3-second jelqs
30 jelq and 15 second down clamping
10 slider blasters
15 head squeezes

5 min warm-down (sometimes done in shower for longer duration)

Currently it is one day on, one day off thanks to me being in a somewhat busy period.

If it wasn’t then it would be like this:
Beginning of workout same until:
3 30-sec stretches in each direction (15 total)
10 helicopter-stretches 30 sec./rep
10 straight stretches with thumb pressure up and back down shaft
10 A-Stretches

5 min. Hot cloth

400 3-sec jelqs
20 jelq and 15 sec. Clamp
10 slider blasters
10 head squeezes

5 min. Warm down (or shower warm-down)
This is 3 days on, one day off, 2 days on, one day off routine

5 days a week I do somewhere in the neighborhood of 400-420 extra kegels (mostly 5 sec., some free, some with hand down on shaft, some with OK grip at base along with 10 30 sec.+ kegels). This seems to help supplement and help boost gains from stretching.
There are other techniques out there, I just need to learn them and to see if it’s OK to alternate some from others every couple of weeks or so. If I reduce smoking (since it’s really hard to quit) will that help? I need hints!

650 jelqs? Boy, that is alot. Anyway if it works then do it. Since yo are not new, try out some of the advanced exercises for a little variance, expeciallyfor girth.I think there should be more stretches. Other than that it seems good.

Obsession is a word used by the lazy to describe the dedicated.

My Pics

AOM's training log

Well, like I said I only do maybe 3 workouts a week since I’m busy, so it’s kind of a way to balance things out. When there’s more time then it’s only 400 jelqs, so there’s the balance. I will take it all under advisement.

Originally Posted by aom91

650 jelqs? Boy, that is alot. Anyway if it works then do it.

Actually, 600 jelqs is what you wind up with at the end of the Newbie Penis Enlargement Routine, so 650 doesn’t seem unreasonable.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

OK, then I was doing fine in that department then.

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