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Kegels before or after jelqs

Kegels before or after jelqs

I’m using the newbie routine and I’m just starting to add in kegels.. But should I be doing them before or after the jelqs?

Kegel while doing Jelqing, it helps to improve blood flow into the penis.. Is it right?

Isn’t it said in Wet Jelq video offered by thundersplace? If not, sorry and I’ll have to admint that I got such a bad english.


I do a short heat wrap session between my stretches and jelqs, and usually crank out a 100 kegels under the heat, then kegel more during the jelqs, and then do another 100+ after the session under heat again. Keep in mind kegels are the one thing you can do anytime, in the car, at work, etc.

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You probably shouldn’t do kegels when you’re jelqing YET. Just do them after jelqing to increase bloodflow a little after your workout. It takes a couple of months before you can kegel while jelqing, at least for me. In the beginning I build up my jelqing time to about 20 minutes without kegels. When I would do more I would get red dots, obviously not good. When I started doing kegels while jelqing the red dots already appeared after 5 minutes! So be sure your dick is conditioned first. But keep in mind I jelqed at high erection (80-90%).

PS: Don’t know the exact term of these “red dots” on my shaft and sometimes on my head anymore, sorry. I have finals so I’m trying to stick as much information about the material in my brain, while deleting other information, like this.

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Kegels are great for overall penile health, not just PE gains. They help with erection quality and control. Do them whenever you can. Before, after, during. Just wanted to second that opinion. Power in numbers. :leftie:


I don’t really plan to do them in my workouts.I just kegal here and there throughout the day when I remember.

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