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Just tried edging and ballooning

Just tried edging and ballooning

If you suffer from low EQ, drive, etc then you should check this out. My NBPEL and BPEL range from 5.5-6 and girth is about 5 mid. I put on some bang bros and had a pocket pussy of some sort from a random sex store because my women is at her relatives for the holidays and I was suffering if you get my drift. I remember reading that ballooning is finding that special spot where your penis enters your pelvic bone and applying pressure and rubbing it while only stroking your shaft and avoiding the head of your penis. As I was giving it a try and having a little fun with it and edging I realized that my penis really was growing really fast. It looked ready to burst. I don’t usually get this just from a quickie or even during sex much so I decided to grab my ruler and measure. I was at 6.5 NBPEL and 7 BPEL. I think I’ve always thought my penis was small or average when really it was over 6 easy this whole time. From massaging and really getting into the mood and concentrating my EQ literally shot my penis up an inch from every other measurement I’ve taken. I didn’t kegel to make the head bigger or anything. Just my basic raging hard on measurement. I think it was stress and tension and other factors that have always been limiting me. I would suggest every other guy try a quick session for themselves. This is a real confidence booster for me I’m glad I read about it and decided to try it.

Any other input from the veterans? I’ll probably be doing this 2 or 3 times a week now just for the confidence boost.

Edit: Any run-ons or spelling errors I apologize for its late.

Do you get ragers when your lady is around?

Nah not unless its been a while or I’m super into it. I think I will more often now that I’ve really gotten in touch with my rager.

Ragers are so cool man. When i get them in the morning I feel like I’m full of life.

I felt like a million bucks last night. 7 is my goal.

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