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clamping, edging and ballooning


clamping, edging and ballooning

Now I am doing this stuff for some time now, and I did allot of search about it, maybe it’s my English but I still have some questions.

The difference between edging and ballooning is: When you feel you are going to cum, you kegel hard so it stops, this is edging right? Ballooning is when you feel your almost going to cum you just rest for a moment and let the urge go by? I also read that for ballooning you only massage the shaft were you have less senses?

Or am I wrong or is this the same. What works better you guys think?( if it’s not the same)

And is it best to balloon or edge when you clamp or after you clamp?

Also if you balloon, or egde for a very long time, the stretch goes out of your penis muscles and you grow?

Well I hope you can answer some of my questions, thanks anyway!



Originally Posted by Uncas
And is it best to balloon or edge when you clamp or after you clamp?

I did it during clamping. Only reason was keeping the erection strength.

Originally Posted by Uncas
Also if you balloon, or egde for a very long time, the stretch goes out of your penis muscles and you grow?

Never heart about that.

As far as I can tell from all the sites.. Edging and ballooning are both the same.

But don’t do it for too long! Oh maaan, let me tell you something.. I used to to do this shit a lot. I would like mmmmmm, so what shall I do? I mean, I haven’t got nothin to do, so what shall I do? I think I’ll jack-off, but I won’t cum! - BRRR-ILLIANT!
I would be like, ”yeah man, pull out that anal porn baby - she’s so ohhhhh.” I bee like jackin off, and jackin off untill I need to cum and I would tence that shit baby and pull the erection back down.. But, you know what? It got kinda boorin man? You can’t be cutting and pausing my anal porn like this! So I just continued to jack-off! WOW! And everytime I needed to cum I would just lay off for a sec or two.. You know and then BACK AT BABY! And then when I needed to cum again [like 3-4 seconds later] I would just lay off again and keep this system going for hours, yes hours - you could never make love like this, because she would be like ‘FUCKIN COME ON!’ - And the second you pushed for 1 SECond extra, it would be like OH SHIT!!

- So anyway, I would keep this sort of Circle Jacking [I call it!] for hours. I think the most I’ve done it is about 5 hours of pure masterbation - hmmm, that didn’t sound right.. But anyway! -> I would move onto the internet and search ALLL THE FREE PORN ! YEAAAHH, and just keep circle jacking all the way..

- In the end, 9/10 I didn’t come [sometimes, I would slip up.. AND THERES NO TISSUE! - OH SHIT! WHERES IT GONNA GO!? - Man, if this ever happens to you it’s like you got 2-3 seconds to find a spot - YOU HAVE NO CHOICE!! I’m lookin, lookin - Can’t find nowhere! And BANG! It goes in the bin! - That’s the laaast resort, you ain’t going on my computer pal.

-Soooo, but heres the deal.. You may circle jack for hours, but if you go for longer than your penis can keep up it will effect you girth! YEP! I did it a couple of times for long hours each [minimum 3+ hours], and kept the cum in and then I measured up [ofcourse] and I was down 0.1 of an inch.. Maaan, I was like oh my girth.. My little girth, my precious little.. Oh ho ho ho.. Ay-ja bu-bu, do-ju do-da gu-gu..

- So.. You know.

Someone’s been at the Scooby Snacks…:-k

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oooh baby

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Post bot?? What the hell is a post bot??

Hey Thunder, I usually write my posts the way I would say them. Is that ok?

Ballooning is a Dr. Lin invention where you have to stay hard by massaging solely the penis base and footing. Best to forget about it all together.

Edging in the clamp is a very good girth routine for seasoned clampers with tunica so tough a bulldozer couldn’t stretch them. However, I have it on pretty good authority that this may be stressful on the prostate. You want a fat dick that is hard to stretch, edge. You want a healthy prostate, cum a lot.

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Originally Posted by Marco_187
Post bot?? What the hell is a post bot??

Hey Thunder, I usually write my posts the way I would say them. Is that ok?

I would vote to let you do your “free form” posting. Fucking hilarious! But like Thunder said, at the bottom of your post window there is a spell check button. Proper spelling is highly encouraged around here. Use the spell check and keep everybody happy, but keep up the good work!

Horny Bastard

Don’t forget about the Lin technique all together!! it’s the best one. It trains you to edge, but not have a huge urge to spill the beans, thus making it perfect for sex. Your penis is numb, but pleasurable. It also has the effect of pushing the penis out of the body and widening it. If you get it right you’ll know about it. Trust me.

Anyway, i’m not going to bang on about it. If your interested check out the Sweet rewards ballooning works thread.

Mravg, ”keep up the good work” - lol!

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