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Just starting out, have one initial question. Would be greatful for some help...

Just starting out, have one initial question. Would be greatful for some help...

I’m new in business and have following question:

Is there any possibility that a guy meassuring 6” x 4” could reach up to the magic 8” x 6”??
Have there been any reports on 2”x2” gains anywhere? And if, how long could it take with serious dedication?

I believe most people will tell you that it is quite possible even though it could take years…but personally I think your goal is a little bit unrealistic. Only few people can achieve such gains I think. You can still get some impressive gains however, depends on everyone.

Welcome to Thunders.

This works differently for everybody. It might take somebody 3-6 months to gain an inch; others may take a couple years, if ever. There’s really no way to tell until you try. Two inches in length may not be too much of a stretch, but the two inches for girth is a bit lofty. Not that it hasn’t happened. As you read through these forums, you’ll find some big gainers. I didn’t start seeing any gains until about the 6-7 month mark.

But just understand that this does take a lot of time, dedication and patience. Having the goal of 8x6 is nice; just don’t allow your goal to set you up for disappointment. Also, take you time in the beginning. Follow the Newbie Routine. Too many people — myself included — try to do too much too fast, and end up with injuries.

Good luck.

Ya, that does seem a bit lofty, but that is my goal as well. About 2 inches in both directions. One can only hope that dedication will pay off.

The length gain of two inches is certainly possible. Girth gain of two inches is less likely, but you’d surely get close to five. Hard work, dedication, time. That’s what it’s going to take.


Thanx a buch for the answers. And according to the enthousiasm of get good gains fast, I’m aware of the consequenses and have a very safe plan for my gains. I’ve been jelqing, not very dedicated for about 2 moths with no serious gains, but I think I’ve hardened my tool enough to prevent the initial injuries that many speak of…I hope anyway :) .

Another question about girth gains. Has there been any reports on large girth gains for users with 4” girth or below?

A quick scan of Sizemeister’s PE Database (link at the bottom of every page) showed the largest recorded girth gain to be about 1.3 inches. Most don’t get that much, usually around .5 to .75 inches. Girth gains are difficult.

This is a good opportunity to encourage all our members to use the database to record your progress. It can help others create their own routines and see what’s possible.

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